Sunderland 1 – 1 Arsenal: Pathetic Refereeing

September 19, 2010

Well we have surely dropped a couple of points that were in the bag by conceding a goal in the final second – rather the match should have been over by that time.

We never really showed up for the match. The midfield play was awful, we had no possession, we didn’t create much and that missed penalty really sums up our performance. But we did defend really well for most part of the match.

And the refereeing was just unacceptable. Our players were booked for ridiculous things whereas the opposition players were getting away with fouls that were bookable. The ref even played more time than the stipulated extra time. Maybe Allardyce and company really got to the refs this time.  Now this is called influencing Mr Allardyce, by blaming others you have achieved your goal.

Still all is not lost. We have to remain positive.

Full analysis and ratings to follow.

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