Arsenal 1 – 2 Birmingham: Heartbroken! Yes, but we have to move on!!

February 27, 2011

We could have lost any other way but not like that, just not like that. I don’t know what to write or what I feel after what just happened. We had the game in control. That kick from Foster was going nowhere. How did the ball end up in the net, I just don’t want to know or want to think about what happened in those few seconds, I just want to forget it. I am heartbroken and I feel like I have been crushed just like every Gooner but we have to move on from here and get behind the team.

But the question is where do we go from here? Will it be the end of our season or will we be hungrier for success? What will the effect be on the players? We will know the answers to these questions in the next three games for sure. We can only hope the team doesn’t crumble after this.

What ever happened out there, well done to lads for the performance and let’s just hope for the best. There is still a lot to play for and this is not the end of the world…….

Will come up with the player ratings tomorrow.

Player Ratings: Ipswich Town 1 – 0 Arsenal

January 13, 2011

I don’t know what to say about last night’s game. I am simply at a loss for words to describe what type of a performance was given by our team, who are supposed to be the favorites for at least this cup.

There was no desire, no urgency and no organization. The passing was slow and mediocre and most of the players were always out of position.

Djourou and Koscielny were left alone throughout the game to deal with the long balls. The fullbacks were playing I don’t know where.

In the middle there was no movement as we struggled to find space and the forwards failed to make any impact.

Coming to player ratings:

Szczesny (6): His performance was average at best yesterday. Made some bad decisions and his distribution was also poor. However, did make an important save near the end.  

Gibbs (4.5): He too had a poor game. Defensively was absent and offensively except one good cross didn’t do much.

Djourou (6.5): He had a decent game as compared to others. He was solid for major portions of the game. Made some vital interceptions and clearances. However, he too had his fair share of bad moments.

Koscielny (6.5): Same as Djourou. Both he and Djourou did their best without the support of midfield and fullbacks.

Eboue (3): He is supposed to be our fullback whose job is to cover the flanks. Sadly last night he was playing in no man’s land. Always out of position, didn’t contribute in attack and defensively was nowhere.

Denilson (4): The usual as always, poor. This guy is going from bad to worse. Enough said.

Wilshere (5): Decent first half but again gave away the ball plenty of times. Not a performance I expected from him.

Fabregas (5.5): He too had an off game. Never really got hold of the game and his passing was off. However, the few chances we did get were through him.

Arshavin (4): His confidence would have further dropped after yet another bad game. Don’t know what else to say.

Bendtner (4): Poor touch, poor control, poor positioning and no contribution at all. Granted there was no supply but he was in simple words pathetic.

Walcott (6.5): He was a constant threat whenever on ball. Used his pace and did well with the space he got. Should have done better with the chacnes though.


Chamakh also didn’t get any supply, Song continued with what Wilshere was doing and Vela was brought on too late. No ratings for them.

I don’t want to draw any conclusions from this game and just want to forget this. However, this game has shed light on quite a few things that we need to look into now or else we will ourselves suffer.

Ipswich Town 1 – 0 Arsenal: Just one question!!

January 12, 2011


Arsenal 2 – 3 Tottenham report: One for the Drains

November 20, 2010

Simply disappointing. A match is played over two halves and I guess our team didn’t realize that they had to play the second half. We were given an opportunity last weekend and we have simply blown it. I guess we cannot keep it simple and have to lose because Chelsea lost last weekend. How many times have we seen that we throw away a match that we are dominating? We just lose our focus. Complacent again? I don’t know but that second half was very painful to watch as the Spuds took the match away from us.

It’s also another loss at home and that is twice in a row now. Perhaps we need to bring our hopes down. We can forget the title at the moment and give it a go at the cups, the only realistic chance of a trophy this year.

The game started with us keeping better possession and creating good goal scoring opportunities. The Spuds were chasing shadows. We were rewarded for our good play in the 9th minute when Fabregas flew in a brilliant lobbed pass down the middle. Nasri got on the end of it. His touch took the ball away from Gomes and it seemed it was going out before Nasri’s touch spun the ball over the line from a tight angle.

Fabregas had a chance to put us two ahead but his shot wasn’t on target after he brilliantly made space for himself with a nice touch on a pass from Song. We got our second on a counter when Fabregas fed Arshavin on the left. His cross was deflected by Chamakh into the back of the net. Two goals up and the rest of the half was all Arsenal. Near the end of the first half our defenders were tested a bit but there was no clear cut chance for Tottenham. We in fact could have gone a third goal up and put the match to rest if Chamakh hadn’t made a terrible mess of a good ball form Fabregas.

Still we were two goals up as we headed into the break , we were dominating the possession and it looked like we will get this match. The catch was if we had kept it simple and played the same way but of course we don’t keep it simple.  I don’t know why we have to make things hard for ourselves. The second half saw rejuvenated Spuds and we simply didn’t raise our game to their level. We were still keeping the ball nicely but at the back we were playing a dangerous game. We were attacking the ball early and keeping a high offside trap for which we were punished.

Spurs got the early goal they wanted as our backline was caught ball napping as it went over them. Van Der Vaart, who was terrible in the first half, got the ball from defoe and passed it along to Bale, who was quite in the first and he put it into the far corner. They were back in the match. Two of their players who we had kept quite in the first half opened their account. Still we had the match under control.

Chamakh again had a chance to make it three for us but he was simply slow to take the initiative. That allowed the Tottenham defence to close him down. At the other end Tottenham got a free kick. As it was delivered in, standing at the wall, Fabregas and Chamakh both raised their arms into the path of the ball. The ref pointed to spot straight away. I don’t know what happened to Fabregas and Chamakh but that was embarrassing and unbelievable. Van Der Vaart from the spot kick sent Fabianski the wrong way and they were leveled.

We still would have taken the match. Fabregas’ curling shot was saved by Gomes and Koscielny had an open net to head in but he made a mess of it. Van Persie, Rosicky and Walcott were thrown by Wenger but they didn’t make much impact. At the other end Tottenham were looking threatening. They had another free kick which was delivered in by Van Der Vaart. Kaboul got in between the defenders and headed the ball into the far corner. Poor defending. The spurs were ahead for the first time and there were only 5 minutes of normal time let. We tried to get a goal back but it was not enough as the time ran out.

Painful ending to a match that should have been won by us in the first place. Tottenham got their first win at our home in a long time and I simply cannot register the fact that we have lost to them. This is two games in a row now we have lost to the Spuds in the league. And the fact that it is our third loss at home this season makes it all the more astonishing.

It was just another pathetic display of football by us in the second half. It is becoming more of a norm now I guess. I am not going much ahead but this match is simply going down the drain for me. All is not lost yet but what more can we expect. From now on it will just be match at a time and I am simply not going to expect much until we really achieve something.

Keep the faith!