Arsene Wenger on signing Jon Miquel Toral Harper from Barcelona

February 26, 2011

Arsene Wenger has confirmed the signing of Jon Miquel Toral Harper from Barcelona’s youth setup.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference on Friday, Wenger expressed his delight in signing the highly rated youngster who is half-English (English mother) and half-Spanish and has an English passport with the manager expecting him to arrive in the summer.

The news of his signing surfaced a few days back that left Barcelona fuming and which led Barcelona’s president Sandro Rosell calling the move ‘a little immoral’.

On Rosell’s comment, Wenger responded by saying that he doesn’t want to go any further on it as he explained how there isn’t anything illegal in signing a player who wants to join Arsenal in the first place. The manager further added that many of their payers leave under the same rule and if it weren’t legal he would have himself not signed the player.

On signing Jon Miquel Toral, Arsene said:

“You forget that this boy is English. He has an English passport, his mother is English, and hopefully he will join us in the summer.

[Rosell’s Comment]I do not want to go further on that front because it is very difficult. If you go in the academy of Barcelona and you look where all the players come from, come back to me and we can talk about it.

We have done what is legal. I love Barcelona, I love Catalonia. I have nothing against them. But when a player who is half-English and half-Spanish wants to join us, why should we turn him down if it’s all legal? If we have done something illegal, I will say ‘sorry, my boy, we cannot do it’. But plenty of players leave us under exactly the same rule.”

Arsenal outdo Barcelona again as Eden Hazard speaks about his future and Nasri is going nowhere!!

February 22, 2011

With the media busy in making up stories of Arsenal players joining Barcelona, it is Arsenal , who have signed another young Barcelona talent for €300,000, so it seems.

Sky Sports reported today that there is news circulating in Spain that we have signed a young midfielder named Jon Miquel Toral Harper from Barcelona’s youth setup. The 16 year old is a technically gifted midfielder who currently plays in Barcelona’s Cadete A.

Now I don’t know how true this is. However, if it is, we have outdone Barcelona again. And it seems Barcelona are not happy to lose another one of their promising players to Arsenal. I don’t want to predict anything, but if he arrives here, Wenger will surely mould him into a great player and in the next 5 to 6 years there will be talks again of Barcelona DNA.

In other news, Eden hazard has come out and spoken about speculations regarding his Lille exit. He has been constantly linked with a move to Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool. However, it seems it will be some time before he leaves with the player saying that he is happy at Lille. The player, however, spoke of Arsenal as an ‘interesting club’ and was pleased with Arsene’s complement regarding him. These were his words:

“It’s nice to be complemented by Arsene Wenger. Arsenal is a very interesting club. But I’ve never been in contact with clubs seriously. How will I choose my future club? It would be on sporting reasons. A club that plays good football – and does not kick and run pointlessly – is very appealing to me but if I had the desire to join a big club that, I would have gone by now. For now I’m under contract until 2014 and I’m good at Lille.”

So, he wants to play for a team that plays good football and not kick and run. A very few clubs fall in that category and Arsenal is one of them. I don’t know if we have made any contact with him but I would like us to make an offer for him in the summers as he is a talent to be secured.

The media has also not stopped short of making Nasri’s comments, about his contract extension, to be turned into talk of quitting Arsenal in the summer. Arsene Wenger had already told that Nasri’s contract will be decided in the summers. However, when Nasri said the same thing, it has been turned into ‘Nasri hints of quitting the club’. This is what he said:

“I’m always flattered when my name is mentioned in connection with any big club, but I also know how things work. As things are right now, I am happy here and I have ­confidence from the manager. But things can change quickly in football, and then we may have a new situation. We promised each other to speak about this subject after the season ends. For now all my focus is on winning the league title and also getting as far as possible in the Champions League. All I can say is that I am enjoying my time at Arsenal and in London, and I feel there’s still a lot for me to contribute. One of the reasons I came to Arsenal was to win titles, and I’m not expecting to leave this club without one.”

So, in the above where do you see that he has said he wants to leave the club? He is enjoying his time at the club and wants to win trophies. The contract will be settled in the summers and he is going nowhere and that’s that. End of the subject. There is nothing more to read in between the lines. It would be nice if we as supporters not delve much into it because the media will always make things up. They just a need a reason to conjure up irrelevant stories and we are better-off without them.

That’s all for now. It’s Stoke tomorrow and will come up with the preview later.