Arsene Wenger’s injury news ahead of Sunderland and Aaron Ramsey’s inclusion in the squad

March 4, 2011

Aaron Ramsey is in inline to be included in the Arsenal squad for the match against Sunderland this Saturday with Koscielny having a small chance to feature.

Speaking to Arsenal TV online on Thursday, Arsene Wenger admitted how there is a chance for Aaron to be included in the squad with him getting better every day as he praised the midfielder’s passing ability and ability to score goals and added that it will be good to have him back.

Meanwhile, the manager said that there have been no new injuries and added that how only Koscielny has a small possibility to make the Sunderland game with the Frenchman having a good chance for Barcelona.

Regarding Alex Song, the manager revealed that he isn’t available for Saturday and is also doubtful for Barcelona and added that his knee will be assessed on Monday.

Cesc Fabregas also has a possibility to feature against Barcelona as the manager said his injury is being assessed every day and as things are going, he has a good chance for Tuesday.

Ahead of the Sunderland game, Wenger said:

“There is a chance Aaron could be available in the squad for Saturday. It will be very good to have him back. He is getting better and better now. We know he has a great engine, has great passing ability and can score goals as well.
We did not lose anyone last night. There is a meager chance we could have Koscielny back for Sunderland. But he is the only one we can hope to have available. Koscielny has a good chance [for Barcelona] though. His hamstring is getting much better and he is not completely out for Sunderland yet.
However Alex Song is out on Saturday and he is doubtful for Barcelona. At the moment he has not practiced at all. He has this knee problem that gets better everyday. But we’ll assess it on Monday. As for Cesc, we go day-by-day. We assessed him today and he is positive about his injury. We feel he has a chance. I do not want to disappoint people so I say he has ‘a chance’, I strongly believe that.”

Arsene Wenger on Aaron Ramsey’s return and Ignasi Miquel’s potential

February 23, 2011

Aaron Ramsey is going to return to Arsenal after his loan spell at Cardiff City expires this Saturday.

Speaking to the official website, Arsene Wenger confirmed that Aaron Ramsey will return to Arsenal and will be available for the replay against Leyton Orient on Wednesday. The manger said that the reports on his progress from Cardiff are good and added he will be utilised when he returns to the club.

Aaron Ramsey, on Tuesday, scored a goal for Cardiff against Leicester City as he played the full ninety minutes.  He is set to feature for Cardiff on Saturday again before he says his farewell to a month-long loan spell.  

Arsene Wenger, on Ramsey’s return, said:

“He is on loan until Saturday. After that he comes back. He could be available for the second game against Leyton Orient on Wednesday.

I have had good reports from Cardiff and I intend to use him. He could not play last Saturday because he had a little hip problem and we demanded that he rest. I think he will play this Saturday again and then we will see if he comes through that game well. After that he is available for Arsenal.”

Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger has praised Ignasi Miquel by saying that he has the potential to be a top-level player.

Ignasi Miquel made a promising start to his Arsenal career when he made his first team debut on Sunday against Leyton Orient in the FA Cup 5th round clash.

On his performance, the manager told the official website that how he has a lot to learn before he will be able to play in the top Leagues as he added the most important thing is that he has shown the talent to play at the highest level.

On Tuesday, Arsene said:

“He is not yet ready [for Premier League or Champions League] but he did enough to show that he will play in the Premier League and the Champions League. I feel that is the most important thing.

He has some aspects of his game that he has to work on, a bit more committed in the challenges, better in the air. But overall he has shown that he has the potential to play in there.”

Aaron Ramsey on his loan move: I want to play for Arsenal as quickly as I can

January 28, 2011

Aaron Ramsey has been loaned out to Cardiff City for a month to get some match fitness and as result be available for selection in the Arsenal team.

Having returned from a loan spell at Nottingham forest, Ramsey hasn’t been able to feature for Arsenal due to his lack of match practice and he is desperate to play again.

Speaking ahead of his move, Ramsey talked about as to how he would go out on another loan to get into shape and get into the Arsenal team as quickly as possible.

Cardiff City has a possible seven games, in which Ramsey can feature, before he returns at the end of February.

Regarding his fitness, Ramsey added that he has worked hard on it and feels good but just needs to play some games to get into the flow.

As for being out of the game for so long, Ramsey has set himself the goals of getting back to where he was before his injury and be able to play regularly for Arsenal.

Aaron Ramsey, ahead of his loan move, said:

“If going out on loan again for a month to get a few more games helps me get back into shape quicker and into the Arsenal team then I will do that.

I just want to get back to playing regularly and get back into the Arsenal team as quickly as I can.

I feel good and my fitness is good. I’ve worked hard on it, I just need to get back into the swing of things, play some games and get my mind switched back on to the atmosphere of a game.

I’ve been out for such a long time, like I said I just want to get some game time. My goals are to get a few games in, get back to where I was and get back into the Arsenal team on a regular basis.”

Wenger on Vermaelen’s surgery: It’s not a real surgery but a procedure, will take 4 to 6 weeks to return

January 18, 2011

Arsene Wenger has confirmed the reports regarding Vermaelen’s surgery while speaking to Arsenal TV online. But according to Wenger it’s not a real surgery. Wenger said that the correct medical term for it is procedure in which a little tendon, that has been the cause of discomfort, next to the Achilles tendon will be cut out.

It has taken long for the doctors to diagnose the problem but Wenger is very optimistic that this procedure will cure it.  As a result Wenger said that there will be a delay in his return.

A minimum of four up to a maximum of six weeks is the time frame that Wenger gave for Vermaelen’s return.

The time frame given by Wenger puts the return date near to the first leg tie against Barcelona in the Champions League. However, being out of action since September last year, Vermaelen will be short of match fitness.

Wenger knows this as he said that Vermaelen will need some games to be completely fit and ready just like Ramsey as he has been out for a long time.

Wenger regarding Vermaelen said:

“It’s not a real surgery. It is to take out a little [tendon] next to his [Achilles] tendon. It is to open it a little bit and cut out the [tendon] that has been causing the friction. It is a procedure, that is the right medical term.

We are very optimistic that [this will cure the problem]. But of course it is now what you call in football a little bit longer delay of four to six weeks.

Let’s count the weeks to Barcelona and you will know. I count a minimum of four weeks, maximum six, so it is not an unrealistic target.

But don’t forget as well he is a little bit in the situation of Aaron Ramsey, he has not played since the beginning of September, that means he will need some games to be completely fit.”

Arsenal vs Leeds: Preview and Starting Eleven

January 7, 2011

After playing four games in ten days in the League, it’s time for the third round of The FA Cup and we start this seasons campaign at the Emirates against Leeds.

This game comes at the right time as we need a breather from Premier League. Also most of our squad needs a rest and our returnees from injury an opportunity to up their match fitness. This in no way means that we should take this match lightly, as it is also one of the trophies that we can win despite tomorrow being just the start of it.

Last season Leeds were very impressive as they surprised United and took Tottenham all the way before bowing out. So we can expect nothing less than a determined approach to the game from them.

Still, I believe that whatever team will be put out , we will be able to get a result in our favor, provided we stick to our game.

For the starting lineup, Wenger has already confirmed that Van Persie and Nasri will be rested for this one and he will make plenty of changes. As far as I can see, it will be a team similar to the one against Wigan.

The back line will comprise of Koscielny and Squillaci, who was absent in the last couple of games. Djourou won’t be risked for this one for sure. As Sagna is suspended, Eboue returns to occupy the right back position and with Gibbs also back in the squad, he will occupy the left back.

Szczesny should start this one at least!!

In the middle, Denilson will return. To partner him I would go with Song, as Wilshere has played in almost all of the last four games. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if I see him in the starting eleven. Rosicky to occupy the playmaker role.

Upfront, Chamakh should start, and this time we need a performance like he was giving before December. Arshavin and Bendtner to flank him. Last time they didn’t connect well but I hope this time they do.

Probable starting XI: Szczesny, Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Gibbs, Song, Rosicky, Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh, Arshavin.

There are reports that Ramsey will also be in the squad, so maybe we will see him later in the game. I hope he does get a few minutes.

As far as the match is concerned, just keep to the way we have played against the likes of Birmingham, Chelsea and City and we will see this through without much fuss. One more thing, kill this game early, as the more we delay in doing it, the more Leeds will believe in getting something out of it.  A repeat of this is what we can avoid if we get a result and that will be one fixture less from the fixtures for January.

A couple of goals will be enough to seal this one and it will be good if we get another clean sheet.

Wenger on Vela’s future and Ramsey’s loan extension

December 31, 2010

Aaron Ramsey, after recovering from his injury, made a comeback in a reserve game last month. He was, however, loaned out to Nottingham Forest to get much needed match fitness. He had a possibility to appear in 7 games for them till 3rd January, the stipulated time for his loan spell.

However, due to the weather conditions, he has been restricted to only one a few appearances. With the loan spell nearing an end, there were suggestions that his loan spell might be extended.

When asked about this, Wenger, today in his pre match press conference confirmed that he is not going to extend the loan. Wenger further said that he would have thought about it had Diaby been fit. As it stands there is no such temptation.

Although Aaron isn’t completely ready for the league but Wenger hopes that he will make it by February.

Regarding Vela’s future, Wenger commented that if a possibility arises, he will be loaned out. Wenger emphasized on not selling him as he regards Vela highly.

At the moment with too many options upfront for Wenger, Vela hasn’t featured frequently for Arsenal. For a player like him, he needs to play regularly and Wenger said that the solution will be to loan him out to give him the games he deserves.

Wenger in his pre-match press conference said:

“We did not get the number of games we wanted from him because of the snow. He is a snow victim and we are as well consequently.

But I am not tempted to do it [extend his loan]. If Abou Diaby was not injured I would certainly have considered it but not now.

Aaron is not completely ready yet [for the Premier League] but he has been practising every day with the group for two months. I hope that when he comes back he should be ready in February.”

“Some offensive players don’t play games like Carlos Vela. If he can get games somewhere else we will loan him out.

Not sell him, loan him out because he needs to play. He is a top quality player and at the moment we have too many strikers.

He does not get the games he deserves. He has an opportunity that I let him go somewhere.”

Fabregas’ injury investigation, Wenger’s injury update and Ramsey loaned out

November 26, 2010

Wenger: Gives an update on the injuries

It has been confirmed today by Wenger that Fabregas is going to be out for a couple of weeks at least. Wenger said that we will be a bit cautious with him as it is a recurrence of his hamstring problem. He said that he will listen to the medical team and Fabregas before deciding to play him. It all however depends on how he feels and if he is ready.

On being asked about the injury, Wenger said that he is not sure if it’s because of the World Cup. He said that the one thing he is sure of is that they will have to be cautious because if you have a hamstring injury you have a chance to get another. As for occurrence of the injury on the other leg, Wenger said that it is very difficult to predict. He further added that he doesn’t know much about it scientifically as the medical staff they have seen can’t say more about it. He said that they are investigating his injury. They have analyzed his body and it is not due to fatigue or tiredness. They will consult every specialist but the problem he said is that despite having scientists today you still get injured.

“It could be two weeks but we are in a position where we may need to be a bit more cautious with him because it is a recurrence of his hamstring problem.
I will follow what the medical people tell me and Cesc tells me – if he feels perfectly alright after two weeks then I will play him.
I don’t know if [the injury] is down to the World Cup. What is for sure is that every hamstring injury you have gives you more chances to have another one. That’s why I say maybe we have to be a bit more cautious.
This time we were concerned with one leg before the game and it happened on the other leg. It is very difficult to predict – I am not scientific enough to speak about that and none of the medical people we have seen yet can tell us more.We have analysed his body and it is not fatigued and he is not tired.
We are investigating as much as we can. The problem [is] before when you were injured you waited at home and when you could play again you played again – today you can have ten scientists around you but you still get injured.
We will consult every specialist we can. But at the end of the day it doesn’t stop him from being injured.”

Fabregas: We need him at 100 percent!

So with this time line, Fabregas is sure to miss the Aston Villa, Wigan, Fulham and Partizan Belgrade matches. He might be back for the Manchester game but seeing the past record I have my doubts about it. It will be a bonus if he will be back for that match but we have seen Fabregas takes time before getting to his best.  So playing him just because he gets fit might not be enough.

As Wenger has said that we have to be patient with him, so let’s not push him hard.  We need to give him time because if he gets another injury, he will be out for far too long then the two weeks now. Wenger has already gambled with him and let’s not go on the same path. The Christmas period is coming up and we don’t want to have a large number of players out with injury. I believe that he shouldn’t be played until he is hundred percent the rest is up to the Boss.

Speaking about others, Wenger said that Eboue is going to be out for a minimum of 4 weeks with a medial knee ligament strain. Everyone else will be available for the next match. Speaking of Almunia he said that he will be capable of playing but it will depend on how he responds.

“Eboue has a medial knee ligament strain. It can be four weeks, can be six weeks or can be eight weeks. But I think it will be four weeks minimum. We have a lot of bumps and bruises but everyone else should be available. Almunia should be capable to play but I will see how he reacts.”

Ramsey: Goes out on loan

The thing that has surprised me is that Aaron Ramsey after making a positive return in the reserves game has been loaned out. He has joined Nottingham forest on loan until 3rd January 2011. It is a surprise because Wenger had said before it will better if he stays here and makes his comeback with us. Now all of a sudden he is loaned out to a championship team. Maybe Wenger did give a hint when he said that he needs competitive games.

“Ramsey needs competitive games. He played 45 minutes and he did well. We need to get him slowly and progressively into competition mode.”

It is good for him in that he will get some match time but we know how it is in the championship. If he is pushed too hard it might hamper his return.  We know what setbacks can do if one tries too hard on returning from injuries. Diaby, Eduardo and Rosicky are a few examples. At first I was behind the notion that he should go on loan but the thing that changed my mind was that if he can get his match fitness by playing with reserves then it will be ideal. Still I really hope this move comes up good for him and he returns with no setbacks. Good luck to him.

This is all for now. The next game is just round the corner. We have to be ready for that and bounce back better than ever. We sure need a win this weekend.