Blackburn 4 – 3 Arsenal: Thoughts and Player Ratings

It is very hard to write something about a game that seems all too familiar now. Hours have passed since it ended and it is still painful and embarrassing. I thought I had the worst of it against Manu but this is in the same league.

What’s the count for us now in giving away leads after yet another farce? Starting from the season before last, it has now become a norm for us to give away leads. We are hardly over one loss when Arsenal ends up with yet another show of comedies.

I don’t have it in me to go over what happened in the game. In a nut shell, we scored, we conceded, we scored again, we scored (this time at our own end), we conceded, we scored at our own end again! (By this time we had scored 4 goals and were losing by two goals), and then we realized we have to score against the opposition, but it was all too late.

In between all his, we squandered a lot chances either through bad finishing or selfish play. We played the best first half that we have played all this season, despite some bad moments, yet we turned up in the second half as if Blackburn were going to give us the win gift wrapped. Why Why Why do we always do this?

Highlights of the game were we again showed how inept we are at defending and how leads can be squandered away by simply switching off after the half time break. We again showed how easy it is to make the same mistakes because it is quite difficult to correct them. We again showed that our problem is not individuals but the system we play. Although the individuals do amplify all the problems.

I know I am being too negative but tell me what the point of staying positive is when every other game we are going to witness is like this!? Yes, we had a great result against Dortmund, yes, we had a good first half today, but then you don’t have a one-game-season and you don’t have a football game with only one half. You have to fight for the whole season; you have to fight for the whole 90 minutes to have something at the end of it. One great result, one great half doesn’t make a difference in the long run.

The saddest bit is that we usually play like this at the end of the season, like we have done in the last couple of seasons. This time we are doing it from the start and if things are to continue like this, we are heading for a bottom half finish, forget the top four.

When will the team realize this is beyond me. As for Wenger, I am at a loss for words as to what has gone wrong with him. Why has he allowed the things to go wrong this much? Every defeat like this is going to be the final nails in his coffin. Or not!? Personally, I can’t seem to make up my mind on Wenger, one half of me wants him to stay and do well, and the other says his time is over. One thing is for sure, we need changes at the club, be it in the back room staff or the whole management, it should be done fast.

Looking ahead, I don’t see anything at the moment. It is going to take a season long time to finally get over this and that too if we end up in the top four.

I will now come to the player ratings:

Szczesny: (6) Made a couple of good saves but made a few school boy errors too like the one where he came forward in the first half and was caught in no man’s land. Wasn’t at fault for any of the goals, though, could have done better on the fourth.  

Sagna: (6) Going forward produced some good crosses. At the back was solid but did lose his man a couple of times. I hope the injury is not bad

Mertesacker:  (6) Can’t blame him for anything except for not putting the ball in the back of the net in injury time late on. We knew he was slow when we bought him! It is more of a fault with the way we defend.

Koscielny: (4) He produces a game like this every now and then which highlights the problems we face as a team. Nothing went for him today and he ended up with an own goal. Unlucky or incompetent you decide!

Santos: (5) Wasn’t the start I expected from him. If I had my way, I would not have started with him in this game. At fault for the first goal and not good with his positioning. Although his crosses late on in the game were great, defensive stability is what we need right now and he didn’t provide that today.

Ramsey: (6) Surprised to see him start today. Looked lively while going forward and was involved a lot. Produced a great assist for Arteta’s goal. Disappeared in the second half like most of our players did.

Arteta: (6) Opened his Arsenal account with a good finish. Was at the heart of every good thing in the first half. However, he needs to do much more as he was nowhere in the second half.

Song: (6) As I said in my preview that his ability to pick a pass can be useful. He proved it today with his assist on the first goal and started the move that led to the second. A great first half from him but in the second had the complete opposite. Was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he scored that own goal. Should have also done better on the fourth and rightly substituted later in the game.

Arshavin: (6) Looked lively and had a couple of good shots on goal. Created a few openings but it was his needless foul that led to the second Blackburn equalizer. Needs to do more in terms of creating opportunities and improve his finishing which has gone way off.

RVP: (6) He needs to be passed the ball if we want him to score. Had a couple of shots from tight positions late on that were saved and provided the assist for the third goal. Otherwise he wasn’t given the support required.

Gervinho: (6) Scored a good first goal and looked dangerous throughout the match. However, was frustrating at the same time with his selfishness and bad decision making. He needs to learn that the team is more important than individual goals. Needs to learn when to pass and when to go for goal.  Had he found van Persie late on in the first half, things might have been different.


Djourou: (2.5) Don’t have anything to say about him as he has forgotten how to play football. Is it his entire fault!? Wenger will know the answer to this!

Walcott: (6) Produced some excellent crosses but then again we don’t attack the ball. Can’t blame him.

Chamakh: (6) It was a welcome change that he found the net with his head today. Should have scored another but really can’t blame him for the dropped points.


6 Responses to Blackburn 4 – 3 Arsenal: Thoughts and Player Ratings

  1. Jotweet101 says:

    Absolute rubbish but worst of all this kind of display is now the norm rather than a blip just look at the results from the back end of last season.

    Let us put this into perspective – before Arsenal went to Ewood Park Blackburn were favourites to go down, with a manager that has only won 6 in 26 games.

    Absolute rubbish – cannot believe what I am seeing week in week out and please everyone understand that Arsenal are good enough to go down to the Championship.

    Will Arsene do the right thing? Of course not and neither will the board.

    I think this is going to be a bloody hard season for fans with a great many disappointments.

  2. weedonald says:

    Boy are we pessimistic with shite-headed talk about eh championship and relegation etc. You are all reacting knee-jerk style after a loss that should never have happened. We’ll get it right sooner than later or heads WILL roll.

  3. Leo says:

    We’re celebrating our 125th years anniversary, and this is what we get? This is by far the worst Arsenal squad I’ve ever seen. Maybe we should change the motto on our badge. Instead of FORWARD, we should put BACKWARD on it.

  4. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    All last year we complained of Arsenal always looking for the extra pass instead of shooting – this year we pan Gervinho for not making the extra pass pretty tough call in his what….third EPL game. His was dangerous and took his goal well? Maybe he should have passed but on at least one occasion RvP was demanding the ball in an off side position and then glared at poor Gervinho as if to say :what were you thinking?”

    To be frank the way were are playing RvP offers little as a lone striker. Cant really head the ball, doesnt poach goals and if he isnt put through with a pass cant seem to get into the game lately. I believe its time for a change in set up with 2 strikers and one of them needs to be clinical with the head. Robin could then sit behind the striker and float left and right.

  5. foolishgooner says:

    I Agree there mate. Steve.. System change is in order. It will help both defense and offense. Park and chamak gotta play infront of robin. wenger made the wrong Substitution….. JD would always struggle against that pace…Gibbs would have been better option even droping song back would have been better and introducing Frimpong.. Stupid system, stuppon manager and confused defenders. Bad substitutions, dog faced stupid look. and you got 4 points from 5 games.

  6. captain stubbing says:

    can’t possibly agree with your comments re mertesacker….he and koscielny let in yakubu walk past them and let him get goalside for the first goal, and yet u blame santos. mertesacker did the same again letting formica get in goal side again letting him run in on goal uncontested.

    then he missed a sitter of a goal in the dying minutes.

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