Arteta interest has ended but we may still get Benayoun!

Everything is happening at the moment for Arsenal. Earlier today reports started appearing that we have opened talks with Everton for their playmaker, Mikael Arteta. The offer at first was cash plus Bendtner which was followed up by a £10 million bid, later reported to be rejected by Everton, who are asking for £15 million.

As things stand, Skysports is reporting that we have ended our interest in the Spanish playmaker.

However, in another development partly related to above, we are now moving in for Chelsea’s Yossi Benayoun according to Skysports sources. He has also been linked with Liverpool but recent reports suggest that we are in talks with Benayoun, for a possible loan move.

Now, ideally I would have liked both of the above mentioned players at Arsenal together. Arteta is very creative and he could have been a decent replacement for Fabregas. Combined with the talents of Wilshere and Benayoun, we could have filled some of the gaps left in by Fabregas and Nasri. Now however, I don’t believe that Benayoun alone is the answer to our midfield problems. He can be great but his injury record is a concern.

And Even if we do get Benayoun, we would still require another creative midfielder. And with just less than three hours to go, we are in for a tense final hours before the window closes.

Anything can happen. It is getting frustrating at the same time now as no new signing have taken place today. Santos, Mertesacker and Park were done yesterday, two of them were only announced today. Maybe we have someone else lined up. Keep your fingers crossed!

More to follow

6 Responses to Arteta interest has ended but we may still get Benayoun!

  1. alan says:

    Sooooooo, we sell nasri and cesc, and thus far replace with an aged injury prone chelski reject? Really? Is this the best we can do?? I have supported the board and wenger for all the turmoils and lack of success, but either someone has a card up their sleeve in this transfer window, or someone is screwing the supporters over royally.

  2. Tom says:

    Is this what we have now come to? We sell players but we do not replace them–not in ability, mind you, but not even in numbers. We need two creative midfielders, and here we are, in the last moments of the transfer window, with no one signed. The defenders that we signed simply correct the huge mistakes that were made in that department over the last few years. But we need to replace Cesc and Nasri, and replace them right now. Other wise, forget CL next year.

  3. Kay says:

    I so agree, Alan. And I am sick of disappointments.

  4. Stafs says:

    Sold: Clichy, Eboue, Nasri, Fabregas, Bendtner?, Traore…. Bring in the millions – qualify for Europe bringing in another reported £26million & with just over an hour left to go we have brought in a few average fillers & are chasing a couple more injury prone average players???! Whaaaat!? What happened to Cahill Samba, Mata and Hazard??! After last weekends HUMILIATION at the hands of Manure I thought it couldn’t get any worse…. but after 11pm it just might get a whole lot bloody worse. R.I.P Arsenal FC – the laughing stock.

  5. Stafs says:

    As for all the people who keep responding by reminding us that we have a nice new stadium – yes true we do – it’ll look even nicer in the championship. Such a shame it might not have anyone sat in it, unless they wear a balaclava to hide the humiliation. Arsenal FC should be on Watchdog for extorting millions out of its supporters.

  6. Amos says:

    Fuck arsene wenger and the board

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