Wenger on Nasri and Miyaichi’s inclusion in the squad against Liverpool and signing new players.

Arsene Wenger, today, in his pre-match conference confirmed Samir Nasri and Ryo Miyaichi are in the squad to face Liverpool.

Speaking ahead of the game, the manager insisted he has no problem in picking up Nasri against Liverpool. He praised the commitment of Nasri to the club and how he has worked in fantastic spirit in training ever since his arrival and in preseason.

On Nasri’s inclusion and commitment, Arsene said:

“[Hesitation in picking Nasri] Not at all. One thing I don’t question is the commitment of Samir Nasri to this Club. Every day since he has arrived here, and every day in pre-season, he has worked with a fantastic spirit in training.

The fans will want Arsenal to play well and win the game. I think they do not make an individual case of each player in each position. They want good players and to win the football game. I don’t see what you can reproach Samir Nasri about. His attitude in training, everybody has witnessed that he has been fantastic from the first day of pre-season.”

The manager also revealed Ryo Miyaichi’s inclusion in the squad. With words full of praise for the young winger’s abilities, the Frenchman said he possesses all the qualities to be a top footballer and he will be given time to adapt to the Premier League.

On Miyaichi, Wenger said:

“He is in the squad for tomorrow. We are impressed by Ryo’s quality, his spirit and his attitude. Everybody is absolutely convinced he will be an Arsenal player. He has a good understanding of the game, he is very quick, he is a fighter and has all the attributes that you love of a player at the top level.

He is 18 years old and has come from College football straight to professional football so we want to give him time to adapt to the Premier League.”

On the summer transfer dealings, Wenger asked for his judgment to be trusted. The manager maintained despite losing some big players, Arsenal is capable of doing well and added that the new players are all top class. On signing more players, the manager insisted only quality will be added and the club is working very hard to find quality.

On the transfers, Arsene said:

 “You have to trust my judgement – one day somebody else will make the decisions in my place and we will have to trust him. I believe I have shown in my 15 years here I am capable of making the right decisions for the right players. In the last 15 years you have seen more world-class players here, or as many, as anywhere else in the world.

You will soon see that they [players already signed] are all top-quality players. We have not lost so many players. We have, of course, lost big players but number-wise we should be capable of doing well.

If we find quality we will add quality to our squad and we work very hard on it.”


13 Responses to Wenger on Nasri and Miyaichi’s inclusion in the squad against Liverpool and signing new players.

  1. Olami Naija says:

    Call me whatever u please but I believe Arsene’s hiding some sweet plan for d season. In Arsene I trust, still. Arsenal.com is d only official Arsenal FC media outlet I know of. F**k rumour mongers who tell s**t just so there papers keep running. Up Gunners.

  2. elkieno says:

    I trust him but we won’t be winning anything this year..,

  3. Aminu shu'aibu-Anyigba nig says:

    We hope we play wel as usual. We’v bn using young talent to win games. So in arsene we trust n believe. I see us triumph over liverpool today. Inclusion of nasri n rio is a welcome development.

  4. ifeanyi klinsmann says:

    you guys are simply spurs fans,how can u trust a man that has lost 2 of his most influential midfielders and yet he has not signed any not even a defender that everybody have been clamouring 4 all summer.chelsea is about 2 seal a deal 4 mata in few hours,while mr wenger is busy bringing kids 4rm d street.in arsene we rust.

  5. freddylekgunners says:

    In Wenger we trust….Its time to support our team instead of moaning….

  6. in arsene we trust always, but we don’t have strong team and enough bench go to the market now.

  7. stevepalmer1 says:

    For all supporters who have doubts over our Manager, i would just like to inform you that Wenger has turned down in the past, many many offers of Managing at other clubs. He is a well respected Manager all over the world, and for what he has done here, to transform Arsenal Highbury to our stadium at the Emirates plus our state of the art training facilities at Colney and still keep us in the top four is incredible to say the least, Arsene will tell you all about his offers when he believes the time is right, Arsene appears to be a thorn in the side for footballs Authorities, before searving his touchline ban against Udenese Wenger asked the EUFA officials if he could relate to he’s second in command by a third party, and they supposedly agreed, only to change the rules when we went ahead, now they deny any knowlege of his conversation, and will now have an inquirery, and impose more restrictions, Also after the game Wenger was asked to take part in the customary after game interview, which Arsene said no, i have not been able to manage my team so no point in talking about it. It now seems that they will also seek out some sort of punnishment for that as well, Our players get sent off, after being physically abussed and gets a 3 match ban, another judged by video evidence and also gets a 3 match ban, makes me believe that Arsenal are not the authorities favorite team and Wenger is definitly not their favorite Manager. Isn’t it time that this was shown for what it is A witchhunt by the press the media and the authorities. What the hell have we done wrong.Is it because we do things the right way, we don’t pay bribes, and we do our transfer dealings by the book,and we only spend within our means, does that make us bad Arsene Wenger is an honest man he lives and breathes Arsenal give him your support. COYG

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