Nasri’s Man City move to be completed today?, Moussa Sow wants Arsenal move as Wenger awaits UEFA’s decision

This week couldn’t get any worse for Arsenal. After Fabregas’ departure, following suite, Samir Nasri too is on his way out of Arsenal.

It was, however, expected this will be the outcome with Nasri stalling contract signing since January. BBC reports that the deal will be finalized by today.

Metro also reported late last night that Nasri is set for a medical at City today which confirms the speculation that the deal will be done by today, the estimated worth of which is around 25 million.

I know most of us saw this coming but it still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. How come Wenger and company didn’t saw it, I will never know! For Nasri I don’t have any good words but I am more frustrated with how the club has dealt with the situation. Leaving things this long only to fail in convincing him to sign a contract! Back in May, we should have played hard with him, ‘sign the contract or you are going out!’ Simple as that!

This would not only have given us time to buy a replacement but also time for the new player to gel in with team. Moreover, Nasri could have decided to stay.

Heck it’s going to be over now, time for this chapter to close. So much for loyalty these days! Three years to develop and the moment one shows some class, wants to leave!

We are ourselves to blame for the situation too. If two of your best players want to leave, one has already left, then things surely aren’t being run the way they should?

To be positive, even now is not too late. We need to get a midfielder fast. The two games of the season so far have shown we seriously require a creative outlet in the middle.

Nasri’s move will, no doubt, leave us in a very bad shape and further push us back against the wall. The price of every possible replacement for him and Fabregas will increase three-fold. It has already happened with Hazard’s price, now priced at 30 million.

But then, Wenger says he is willing to pay even 40 million for a player worth it. Looking at Hazard’s ability and the situation we are in, 30 million will be good business.

Arsene Wenger, speaking to Sky Sports, said:

“I will pay 30 (million) I will even pay 40 if I find the right players. But it’s not a question of money, it’s a question of quality we find. I think I have a wrong reputation of not wanting to spend money – I do not want to spend money for average players.”

Now is the time to respond and go for our targets. Excuses of not finding the right player won’t do this time. And we will need to be ruthless as other clubs will be circling around. Chelsea has already made approach for one of our targets, Mata, which was rejected.

So, before other clubs do business, we must act. (I have my everything crossed for Wenger to make his move!)

Moving on, UEFA will act like a bunch of hypocrites if they charge Wenger for communicating with the bench though a third party.

UEFA rule is as follows:

Article 70 of UEFA’s disciplinary regulations state any banned manager may sit in the stands, but ‘may not enter the dressing room, tunnel or technical area before or during the match, nor may he communicate with his team’. (Source:

Wenger appeared to be communicating with Pat Rice through first team coach Boro Primorac. Is this a breach of rule?

Nonetheless, the point I want to raise is, if this form of communication is indeed a violation of the rule, then seeing Ferguson and Mourinho and many other managers do it before without any consequences, shows how much UEFA is inept in executing their own rules. Simply, a rule must apply to all managers!

UEFA will, however, take action if the match officials claim our manager broke a rule in their match report.  The report usually takes 48 hours after the game to come in. This means, by today, we will know whether UEFA press charges or not.

Moreover, there will be some sort of a fine for Wenger for not giving the post match press conference after the Udinese game.

In other news, Lille striker Moussa Sow wants a move to Arsenal and admitted it will be a dream come true.

Speaking to French radio, he said:

“I want to play at Arsenal. I think my game is best suited to the Premier League. It is my dream and I want to be playing Champions League football.”

It may be his dream, but I fear we won’t go for him. We have already signed Joel Campbell, who according to Wenger will play for the first team. And if we do go after another striker, it should be someone who is in league with Van Persie. (We do need one more striker but I know Wenger will never buy another with reinforcements in other positions more important)

We can all only wait and see what happens in the next 12 days.

Have a great day!

10 Responses to Nasri’s Man City move to be completed today?, Moussa Sow wants Arsenal move as Wenger awaits UEFA’s decision

  1. Tobby Eboma says:

    At this point we need no tie to waste because i will find it sad if we refuse to sell Nasri because he is an ingrate already and i hope he won’t cry later on like Adebayor….But please i want Arsen to make a bid for a midfielder a striker and a huge central defender like Samba of blackburn…..Thank u…Thank God our manager as now agreed to spend money….

  2. Cyeed says:

    I suggest wenger should sign gary cahill bfore the that he could be featured against liverpool,cos the defence is lack nd need a player like cahill to fill the gap

  3. JeffWaff says:

    Ultimately Nasri is set leave, the sooner the better so that Arsene moves quick to buy another experienced midfielder, either Mata, Jadson, Valbuena or Marvin, who am sure will be loyal and play with all his heart. Wenger, let Miquel go to Bolton on loan and get Gary ‘Gaz’ Cahill at the heart of defence. Someone help me, is it true that Romelu Lukaku hasn’t finalised his move to Chelsea, and that Arsenal is poised to snap him up? Hope he comes as a cover up to RvP10.

    • vled says:

      Romelu Lukaku has signed for Chelsea and will be availble for the game on weekend. Chelsea’s official site has announced his signing.

  4. Oladele Olayiwola says:

    The truth now is that arsenal team is not different from everton, Tottenham only what we can enjoy is technical ability of wenger but this time around if he fails to sign players this season, this will be the worst season ever for arsenal, look at d way we struggle against udinese, You can’t give what you don’t have, he should know that arsenal players are prone to injuries and try to have replacement for every player in the team but reverse is d case, i hope he will change his ideology on buying players…

  5. Adewle shittu says:

    Only GOD wil se us 2ru 4rom wenger daycare of player policy,anyway in d next 12days we shal know our stand.

  6. vick says:

    Nasri only came of age last season (only 3 months for that matter)..prior to that the guy was a mere mortal..oh wait he still is. Let him leave and lets get someone who will give their all to arsenal.

    After last seasons lethargic display from the players who weren’t committed its better we let them all leave. Remember folks, to up the bloody gunners

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