Arsene wants Nasri to stay as Chelsea shows interest in him!

With Fabregas gone, many believe, it is only a matter of time before Nasri also moves out. With continuously being linked away from Arsenal for the past eight months, the Frenchman hasn’t helped the cause as his intentions are still not clear. However, he, not signing the contract is indication enough of not wanting to commit his future with Arsenal. At the moment, it seems that he may be on his way to Manchester City.

Arsene Wenger, on the contrary, is reluctant to sell him. When asked about his future, the manager admitted that he wants him to stay and added he will do his best to sort the situation.

“Ideally I want Samir Nasri to stay, but as much as we were in a strong position on the contract side with Cesc, the situation is a bit different. Hopefully we can sort the situation out.”

I can’t help it, but I have made my mind that Nasri will leave us. If we couldn’t persuade him to sign the contract in the last eight months, how can the remaining 14 days of the window change that? Still, I don’t mind trying and I won’t mind to be proved wrong. Bribing him with the central role might change his mind!? or quality new signings!?

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s coach, Andre Villas- Boas, after their opening game on Sunday, expressed his interest in Nasri. Chelsea are in the market for a midfielder and Villas nonchalantly admitted that Nasri is an exciting player.

These were his words, when he was asked about Luca Modric of Tottenham:

“I just explained to you the sense of urgency in midfield. But it doesn’t mean that it’s Luka. Not that I’m interested, but you have Samir Nasri terminating contract. He’s one of the most exciting players in the Premier League and that’s the reality, as well as Luka, as well as other players.”

With Chelsea showing interest and Nasri not wanting to commit, the best option for us will be to sell him to the highest bidder, that is, if Nasri hasn’t agreed terms with City already. A bidding war between Chelsea and Man City is sure to increase  his value and that will help us to acquire a better replacement in return!

What do you all think? Should we keep him or bring this chapter to an end too?


6 Responses to Arsene wants Nasri to stay as Chelsea shows interest in him!

  1. Gabriel says:

    The Manager should allow him to go and use the money to get quality players to replace in return. Thou it is painful bringing in a player when he was 16 or 17 and now that that they are being needed they want to leave. There leaving was due to lack of sliver ware for the past 6years which is glory of every players.

  2. cin says:

    Better replacement ??????????

    Haha big Joke. Bloody wenger will sign a replacement ????????

  3. I wish Nasri stayed at Arsenal. I love his talent. It is my belief that Wenger would try his best to keep him for sometime in the squad. However, if he decided to leave, it is time for Arsenal to look for a competent replacement and release him. I am confident that the club’s strength will continue as before provided new transfers are made appropriately . In any case, this issue must be closed and new chapter must begin in a new season. Members of the squad have to brace themselves up for the champions league qualifying game tonight. They have to beat Udinese tonight. Keep up excellent performance boys.
    wish u good luck.

  4. Darren Bobb says:

    Well personally I think that if nasri wants to leave we should let him because we don’t need a player who isn’t committed playing in our ranks. If we are to sell him to chelsea then we should try to involve our arch enemy Didier Drogba in the deal because he is a proven striker and would work well for the team and take the pressure off of van persie. He also plays in the national side with Gervinho so they should be able to link up well. Then we could use the fabregas money to buy a replacement for him and nasri or rely on wilshere and ramsey to fill in.

  5. Tobby Eboma says:

    Thank you all..For me i say i want him to stay because we know is value and i would not want him to move to a club that will make him a useless player like Chelsea so i huge him to stay so as to save his head for futuristic purposes….

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    Arsene wants Nasri to stay as Chelsea shows interest in him! « redgunners…

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