Jadson linked again! A defender is a must as Wenger says ‘We are not scared to spend the money’

After the opening game for Arsenal, one thing is for sure that we need a creative player in the middle of the park. A new Fabregas will be very difficult to find but someone who can do as good a job as him without taking time will be enough.

The signings that we have done, except Gervinho, who is close to being a finished product, need time to develop.

Last night, we did control the game and were defensively sound. However, going forward, we lacked ideas and failed to impress and achieve the type of movement and passing which is our trademark.

This brings me to the point that we do need to buy reinforcements, no matter how much Wenger says we have a large squad. We cannot mount a good challenge for the title with the players we have.

With Fabregas and Nasri’s departures to be announced any day, rumors of Shakhtar Donetsk’s Brazilian midfielder, Jadson, to Arsenal have re emerged.

Just days after Wenger denied any contact with Shakhtar, their head coach Mircea Lucescu, according to Skysports, has revealed that Arsenal are interested in the 10 million rated midfielder. He said:

“I can confirm Jadson is wanted by Arsenal . Now it all depends on him.”

I don’t know what to make of it and I cant say how good he will be for us as I haven’t seen him play. I said yesterday that I am not fussed about this signing because I agree to an extent with Wenger that we don’t have to buy anyone just for the sake of buying.  

The only important thing is we do need a creative linchpin. If he can provide us that for 10 million, I am willing to accept him. Otherwise, we need someone like Sniejder! And it will be a delight to see Hazard or Mata play for us.

Apart from this, rumors of Jagielka, Cahill and Scott Dann are again on the horizon. I don’t know what to expect from Arsene after he said this last night on the performance of centre backs:

“If we had conceded a goal I would have been bombarded with questions about why I don’t buy a centre back! They have to take credit.”

He further added on buying players:

“I am not against spending money if the players we buy can improve our squad. We have a big squad and if some players leave we will try to bring players in. We request top quality and we are not scared to spend money”

I am certain that Wenger will replace Fabregas and Nasri. I am not so sure about a new defender though!

Despite giving a solid defensive performance yesterday, we still need at least one more quality defender. It is a must in my opinion and please! there is quality available. More so, every defender being linked with us is miles better than Squillaci. And if we can pay 15 million for chamberlain, who is yet to be tested in the league, how can we not pay almost the same amount for a defender who has premier league experience?

Also, we may have a bigger squad but none are enough for us to mount a serious challenge for the title. Yesterday’s bench was proof. Except Walcott, or maybe Chamakh, there was no one else who could have offered something different going forward. Chamberlain will be there in some time but at the moment we are certainly void in options.

I am sure as the transfer window draw to a close; we will be linked with a number of players. I just hope that we find the right player and Wenger signs him.

Until then we will have to make do with what we have!


11 Responses to Jadson linked again! A defender is a must as Wenger says ‘We are not scared to spend the money’

  1. Tobby Eboma says:

    Yes am so happy with the new development just that i am so sad that what Barton did to Gervinho was not to Rooney i am so sure that he would have head booted him but please i pray Wenger signs a defender who is like Samba u know he is a huge player and we need him so much..About the Mid-field i think Mata is the ideal replacement for Fab who i am happy is leaving so we know who stays and who leaves…Atleast all through last season he was on the bench and still we made the top four so for me he can go ro hell….I just hope he won’t end up like Hleb….Thank you please Arsen sign we need it….

    • jb says:

      what you don’t think we need another striker. i am not fussed if we get any or two of dann, cahill or samba. it was a solid defensive performance yesterday but we need cover now!!

      • vled says:

        After we get a midfielder and a defender, a striker will be welcome too! However, I will be content, if we can get Hazard/Mata and Cahill.

  2. Arsenal4Life says:

    Jagielka Samba Ayew Mata in
    Almunia Squilachi Cesc Nasri Bendtner out

    Sagna Samba Jagielka Vermaelen
    Song Wilshere
    Gervinho Mata Ayew/Arshavin
    Robin v Persie

  3. Tobby Eboma says:

    This is what we always want to hear greatness coming to the club…Up GUNNERS….

  4. Byo says:

    Everyone seem to want Cahill/Mata/Jadson, sounds reasonable.
    But does anyone believe Ayew(who I’ve seen play plenty) is better than Arshavin/Rosicky any day!
    Remember, spending big money on a player does not guarantee success. Many examples abound in the EPL.

  5. hadji bansy says:

    well, let see what is going to happen before the end of transfer window. BUT now i don’t belief all these rumour.

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