Wenger will do his best to keep Nasri and Fabregas, Juan Mata linked!, Benzema rumor surfaces again!, Denilson to Villareal?

After venting my anger a couple of days back, I am back to myself again. However, I do stand by that we need to strengthen the team and sort it out quickly. With pre-season matches just round the corner, all focus needs to be diverted towards getting ready for next season. Transfer rumors do hinder a teams performance, no matter how hard one denies it.

We have until end of August to buy players, however, the speculations surrounding few of our players needs to be quickly addressed. Only then the negativity that is emanating from all corners of the blogosphere is going to stop. A couple of signings now will also be great!

First and foremost, Nasri’s situation needs to be solved. It should have been sorted out by now as everyday it gets more annoying. Dragging it on is only making things worse for us. If Nasri really wants to leave, for whatever reason, he must be sold to the highest bidder and as quickly as possible. Manu has already enquired about him.  Reports of an offer, official or unofficial from United, for Nasri has also been reported. Even though we have denied it, there might be some truth to it. There were also rumors of Man City claiming that they are close to acquiring him, which I don’t believe. With Chelsea also in the mix, we can have a bidding war which can only be good for us, if we get to a point where selling is the only option. The money received should then be spent to acquire a top replacement.

If he doesn’t want to leave, he must sign the contract quickly, Arsenal must announce it so that we may get on with our preparation for the season.

Personally, I want him to stay. He has been a good player for us and he has the potential to be a great player. He has had his ups and down but he seems to be getting consistent. No doubt he lost his touch in the later stages of last season; he still was phenomenal for us. It has taken him three years to somewhat fully express himself and he is only going to get better. That is the reason that all top three clubs in the league are after him. We can’t afford to lose an experienced Premier League player on a cheap to our rivals. For me, he is more important than Fabregas (this doesn’t mean that we need to let Fabregas go!)

We have the money, and we can offer him what he asks. Arsene Wenger’s comments today were positive and shows that the boss is intent on holding him. Speaking to Arsenal player, Arsene said:

“We will do everything we can to keep him [Samir Nasri].”

I know Wenger will try his best, but then, we did lose Clichy. So, you can’t do anything if a player wants to leave, which is the bitter truth in modern football. Allowing Nasri to run out his contract is going to be more costly to us than letting him go this season. A contract must, therefore, be signed this summer or else he must be shown the door. I am just hoping for him to commit to Arsenal quickly. All this, as I said before, need to be done without more delay. We cannot wait till September for Nasri to make a decision!

One announcement that we have all been waiting for is Gervinho’s unveiling. He is likely going to be declared an Arsenal player any day now. According to many reports he was in London for his medical on Wednesday, which was successful. The Daily Mail has gone on to add that only a small problem in the paper work has delayed the announcement. Better late than never, in my opinion. I am really looking forward to seeing him play in the pre-season. With so much being said about him in the press, I am certain that he will turn out to be a great player for us.

As for the recent rumors linking us to Juan Mata and Karim Benzema, they are great, I am more than certain that they are only rumors. With Gervinho arriving, I don’t see Wenger going for another forward. Mata might be an option only if we lose one of Fabregas or Nasri.

I am more interested in Hazard though. He, alongside Nasri and Fabregas, with van Persie ahead will be perfect! I know, sometimes it’s great to live in fantasy!

The Fabregas situation has also gone quiet. There are reports that Barca is offering Abidal in addition to cash, which I don’t see Wenger taking in a million areas. For me, anything less than Messi plus cash should be rejected. Wenger, today, made it clear that he will be trying to hold onto him at all costs. Speaking to Arsenal player, the manager said:

“Our position is always the same, we want to keep Cesc and I will fight as hard as I can to keep him”

I feel, by now, Barcelona should have realized that we won’t accept an offer less than what Fabregas is worth. Also, Fabregas should realize that Barcelona don’t really value him. He needs to stick with Arsenal, get over his injury and lead us to trophies. I am certain that this saga is going to continue till the end of the transfer window with Fabregas staying at Arsenal! I have my fingers crossed.

Before I conclude, I got excited about the news linking Denilson to Villareal. However, I haven’t seen any follow up to the story. So, I am guessing that it was another false rumor and we will be seeing him around the Arsenal squad a bit more. I am starting to wonder if anyone will ever ever buy him!!    

Till next time!

5 Responses to Wenger will do his best to keep Nasri and Fabregas, Juan Mata linked!, Benzema rumor surfaces again!, Denilson to Villareal?

  1. sam says:

    i am sure benzema will be a good signing. despite claiming he wants to stay and fight for his place, mourinho doesnt rate him much.
    would arsene really pay 25 millions? i doubt it.
    i also doubt arsenal are looking for another winger with gervinho on board, unless the young japanese fails to win work permit again.

  2. Going by Wenger’s latest comments, it looks like all reports of the said “imminent” departure of Cesc & Nasri are clearly unfounded. The source said to be an Arsenal official who claimed that Cesc would be sold at the right price were clearly Mr anonymous’ personal feelings, not Wenger’s, who is responsible for producing results on the pitch. As such, people need to realise that no deal can happen without the blessing of the Arsenal manager, & I’m sure, he is not interested doing any business on both players, at least this season when he is under more pressure to win silverware than before. I’m also tempted to think that even if Nasri refused to sign a new contract, Wenger would retain him & see how the season will unfold by January & sell him for some small fee other than letting him leave now. He has been used in the club’s new kit promotions & it would make make much less sense if he got sold this summer. I’m convinced he will stay. As for Cesc, his staying is even more assured, as Barcelona, his suitors, arrogant as they are, don’t have the money to buy him. With 4 years remaining on his current deal, I just can’t see Wenger sanctioning his move for such deflated figures the press report Barca have offered. He surely won’t be sold, not this summer!!

  3. Steve Palmer says:

    Nsri and Fabregas being linked with transfers should be taken with a pinch of salt, Nasri has asked for what seems like an exhorbitant amount of money, surly in the real world Nasri knows that he has not done enough to warrent that kind of pay rise. Of course we cannot let the situation linger on, either he signs a contract or we have to put him up for sale, as we cannot allow him to go for free.Nasri has done nothing wrong in not signing, he is still an Arsenal player under contract, and if he has to stay for another year on the same money, he has no option, if Arsenal want to keep him, they can still leave it to the end of his contract, before they offer him new terms but a gamble either way.

  4. sam says:

    Why people hate denilson he’s a good player scored crucial goals for the gunners nand u fans hate him u should hate almunia for mistakes clichy for playing plaers onside and djourou for loosing his marker on set pieces! And mostly wenger for not buying

  5. sam says:

    We need mertesacker n samba at cv vermaelen at left back and a experienced defensive mid and a big name striker

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