Ricardo Alvarez signed! Gervinho not far Behind!?

A month ago I did a post in which I said that we may have made our first signing of this transfer window in the shape of Ricardo Alvarez from Velez Sarsfield. The story was first reported by Fox Sports and it took me by surprise because I had never even heard his name. The report said that we had agreed a pre-contract with the player and he would move to Arsenal after his contract expires at Sarsfield at the end of their campaign.  A 23-year-old, left footed attacking midfielder whose pace and ability to play as a second striker stood out and interested me. However, I didn’t take it seriously as there was a confusion related with the name Arsenal (apparently there is a team called Arsenal de Sarandi in Argentina) and I never followed up the story.

The Fox Sports’ story was followed up a couple of days later by many others as it became evident it was us, Arsenal of England that were interested and not the Arsenal club that plays in Argentine Primera División.

With time, however, Alvarez was forgotten as Gervinho, Cahill, Samba and Hazard’s names started circulating around, whom we were targeting. And as these targets were nearer to us, we all took interest in them. Somewhere in between, we did get to see the name of Alvarez.

A month later, now, when it has gone quiet on all other major fronts for us, Ricardo Alvarez’s name springs up again and this time I feel it is a confirmation of the initial agreement that Fox Sports reported.

On Friday, the blogosphere was full of reports that we have actually signed him after apparently Palermo’s President, Maurizio Zamparini, let it slip in an interview with Naples Radio Kiss Kiss that we have acquired his services. His Interview was reported in Tuttosport

“We did have a concrete bid for Alvarez and had him in our grasp back in January. Unfortunately, we didn’t complete the move in time, so we lost him to Arsenal. At this moment he has already signed for the Gunners.”

However, with Corriere, he used the words that ‘Arsenal is interested’.

The question is what to believe or what not to after this as this puts a big question mark on Zamparini’s reliability. Although, I am certain that we may have actually secured his signing behind closed doors. The reason being, we do like our transfer dealings to be hidden these days because as soon we show interest in a player, other clubs hijack that deal. The end result is the price increases exponentially and we lose the target. Also we need a midfielder-cum-winger and a striker and Alvarez fulfills all the requirements. So, Wenger may have spent the asked price on such a talent.

I also believe that Zamparini, being interested in Alvarez, may have approached Sarsfield only to find out that he has been sold to us and in the resulting frustration may have spilled the beans in front of the media.

This brings me onto the situation regarding Gervinho. He was supposed to sign for us by the end of last week or start of this one according to reports. Ever since those reports, it‘s been quiet. Frustration is mounting among the fans. I have a feeling though, that Gervinho’s situation is similar to Alvarez’s. I believe that we have agreed the terms and only waiting for a date to officially announce his signing.

Reports, by the way, have already started coming out that Lille have rejected our bid for Gervinho! Don’t believe them!

Hopefully, when the transfer window opens on 1st of July, we will be announcing both the signings of Alvarez and Gervinho in addition to some others!

23 Responses to Ricardo Alvarez signed! Gervinho not far Behind!?

  1. Aduragbemi says:

    am happy with alvarez signing

  2. Jacob nusky says:

    Up gunners

  3. Adewunmi says:

    Another gervinho story(alvarez)

  4. gbeng says:

    So who’s dis guy sef

  5. arsenal4eva says:

    if it is true, seems like gud signing 4 us…..

  6. gunner1 says:

    Pray he’s good

  7. Eniola Perez says:

    Alvarez is a good signing, at least I’ve seen his video and he’s balling at attack minded.

  8. dimiru says:

    false,winger is an asymptote to x axis but he will not touch.only rumor is nasty.

  9. justus says:

    gunners go for more ammunitions.get samba as well

  10. AcGooner says:

    Alvarez looks better than Nasri on the pitch. Whether he will be better than him in EPL we’ll see. EPL is too different to Argentina leage.

  11. Lewa lewa says:

    Gunas for life now, da guy is a winning character. Kip it up wenger go for samba n de lile guy

  12. Arsenal4Life says:

    I hope we will buy Samba, Sakho, Fellaini, Alvarez, Gervinho and Benzema!
    Sell: Almunia, Squilachi, Clichy, Denilson, Rosicky, Diaby, Fabregas and Bendtner!

    Sagna Samba Vermaelen Sakho
    Fellaini/Song Wilshere
    Nasri RVP Arshavin/Alvarez/Gervinho

    GK: Szczesny, Fabianski, Mannone
    CB: Samba, Vermaelen, Djourou, Koscielny (Sakho)
    RB: Sagna, Eboue
    LB: Sakho, Gibbs (Vermaelen)

    CDM: Song, Fellaini, Frimpong
    CM. : Wilshere, Ramsey, Lansburry (Fellaini, Nasri)
    CAM : Robin v. Persie, Arshavin (Nasri, Alvarez)

    RW/LW: Nasri, Walcott, Gervinho, Vela, Arshavin, Alvarez
    CF: Benzema, Chamakh (RvP, Gervinho, Vela, Walcott)

  13. Well, i’ve seen this Alvarez video.. Not bad i think, but we need real players!!! Players that know Premier League than this Argentinian man..

  14. Sammy says:

    When was the last time Wenger completed a signing quickly with no fuss? That’s simply not his style. He keeps it dragging on and on and on and sign someone 1 minute before the transfer deadline if we’re lucky. But more often, he needs to ask the Premiere League for an extension (as was done in the case of Arshavin ), or worst, the transfer just doesn’t happen (as in the case of Schwarzer last year. His transfers are like a suspense thriller but not always with a happy ending.

    If I were you, I would go about and enjoy my life, and check the lineup after the transfer deadline (and all possibilities of applying for an extension) has passed to see who he has signed after all (would be a dream to see a solid defender and GK, but wouldn’t hope for much after past 3 years. He might just sign another useless attacking midfielder or striker from France instead).

  15. Steve Palmer says:

    Good post.
    Alvarez is a good addition, Gervinho also

    Defenders to keep an eye on as well
    Brian Carrasco
    Nicolas Otamendi
    Diego Godin

  16. akin says:

    up gunners am hapi for d news dat alverez has sign 4us n we more signin includin Gavinho.pls dont let fabregas 2go we need him in dat sqaud.

  17. Emy says:

    Good news if true, make more sick if stories.

    God Bless.

  18. archmarc93 says:

    Hey…Awesome stuff you have here. U should spare a second for my blog. Anyways, am a Red Devils fan. Honest opinion is that Arsenal should stop buying the NEW So-and-So. Its high time Wenger invested in talent that has been tried and tested. Stop buying raw talent and buy ready-to-eat. Break the bank!!!!

  19. kunlee kaka says:

    itsss nice if wenger sign alvarez & gervinhot in adition to our squad plus samba & one defensive midfielder

  20. Not sure its the best move but time will tell

  21. not the best move im afraid ive seen this coming for a while and im not sure he will fit in the team

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