Barcelona offers Lionel Messi in addition to £27 million for Fabregas!

Well the thing that we all were anticipating has come to pass. Barcelona has made their first bid for Fabregas according to The Sun. This morning, The Sun is reporting that Barcelona have made an initial offer for Fabregas worth only £27 million, Which of course was rejected by us. They also say that Barca is willing to go to £30 million (like we care!). This bid comes in after Sandro Rosell, Barca’s President, said that Barcelona don’t have the money to purchase Fabregas and will be bidding less than they did the last time.

However, everyone has missed the real breaking news! Barcelona is also willing to offer Lionel Messi in addition to the £27 million. Lionel Messi, according to Barcelona, isn’t the player he was due to wear and tear in the last season and Barcelona appears now to cash in on him before his value further drops. Despite the offer, Arsenal is reluctant to sell Fabregas as there is no use in buying a devalued product, which has left Barcelona dumbstruck!

Jokes aside, in all this I am really getting frustrated with Fabregas’ stance. I know he hasn’t directly requested a move but all his statements have been ambiguous. If he wants to really move, he should man up, put up a request and go. If not, say it loudly that he doesn’t want to go to Barca till at least his contract is not over. And after such disgrace, no sane man will want to go to Barcelona!

And as far as Arsenal is concerned, if we rejected a bid last time, how are we going to agree to something less this time? Are they f***ing mental or are we a club who can be toyed around with and humiliated along with the players.  They are even humiliating themselves but you can expect that from Barca. If a certain nobody is valued at £40 million, a certain striker can go for £50 million and one for £35 million, where is the justice in offering £27 million for one of the world’s best midfielders? If you don’t have the money, forget about him. Buy something that you can. This is the basic rule of buying. Geez! Barcelona can play the best football but can’t understand this simple thing!

21 Responses to Barcelona offers Lionel Messi in addition to £27 million for Fabregas!

  1. Chairma Gallant says:

    This must go down in history as the joke of the century- barca offering Arsenal 27m pounds plus Leonel Messi for Fabregas.Well joke apart,i think barca don’t really need Fabregas, otherwise they could have gotten him since last year with a bigger offer which AW his hungry board member can’t reject,so i say Fab, brace yourself for annother season at Arsenal

    • vled says:

      I added the Lionel Messi part just to lighten things up because this transfer saga has been really frustrating and boring beyond words!

  2. isaaciru says:

    Well said dear if baca thinks like that, i also want a Lexus car but i can’t buy it,i buy what i can so baca put it in u head u the best team but u do not have money to buy fab so buy parker,denilson etc.

  3. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    So cant arsenal buy 2/y of neymar,sanchez,eto,falceo,rossi,etc. Must we go for mediocres and start blaming d referees for d next season?

  4. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    So cant arsenal buy 2/3 of neymar,sanchez,eto,falceo,rossi,etc. Must we go for mediocres and start blaming d referees for d next season?

  5. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    Cant dis money mongers persuade AW to buy so so so n so player? I seeeee its not wenger’s fault.

  6. Bamidele says:

    AW should sell Fab or swap him 4 Villa?

  7. Anthony Onwuekwe says:

    l think the Cataluyans are makig caricature of Gunners by offering what Peter considered peanut for the services of one of the most powerful midfielders in the world.lf depreciated Torres and average performer,Carrol could be sold in a megaweight way l think Fab worths to be sold 50-up.

  8. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    At what point does Cesc realize “they’re just not that into you….”?

  9. I know dat dis a very big rumour.

  10. kyo_9 says:

    As an Arsenal fan, I would be delighted to swap Fabregas with Xavi + Messi though… ;p

  11. Joshua says:

    unbelievable, this must be latest rumor not latest news

  12. Steve Palmer says:

    what is it about not for sale that Barcelona is having such difficulty not understanding.

  13. michael says:

    I will love it if we xchange fab for messi pls barca bring it on

  14. Henry Afulukwe says:

    Wenger is an idiot…only deal that he does well is buying players of 1m or less, greedy fucker.

  15. sam says:

    dude please!
    fab made it in the premiership it doesnt meam all those barca midgets will make it.
    there is a chance messi will flop in the premiership i am surprise chelsea are risking to spend big on neymar. let him come here and face robert huth, samba. showcross every weekends. he will run out of steam!

  16. peter says:

    Total bullshit…English newspapers are full of crap.
    Barca didn’t wanned to give us Pedro or affellay why would they wanna give us messi…is anyone writing true?unbelievable

  17. john says:

    your welcome to the family of barca Fabrecas,,,,. lionel merci and frebracas

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