Barcelona offers Lionel Messi in addition to £27 million for Fabregas!

June 24, 2011

Well the thing that we all were anticipating has come to pass. Barcelona has made their first bid for Fabregas according to The Sun. This morning, The Sun is reporting that Barcelona have made an initial offer for Fabregas worth only £27 million, Which of course was rejected by us. They also say that Barca is willing to go to £30 million (like we care!). This bid comes in after Sandro Rosell, Barca’s President, said that Barcelona don’t have the money to purchase Fabregas and will be bidding less than they did the last time.

However, everyone has missed the real breaking news! Barcelona is also willing to offer Lionel Messi in addition to the £27 million. Lionel Messi, according to Barcelona, isn’t the player he was due to wear and tear in the last season and Barcelona appears now to cash in on him before his value further drops. Despite the offer, Arsenal is reluctant to sell Fabregas as there is no use in buying a devalued product, which has left Barcelona dumbstruck!

Jokes aside, in all this I am really getting frustrated with Fabregas’ stance. I know he hasn’t directly requested a move but all his statements have been ambiguous. If he wants to really move, he should man up, put up a request and go. If not, say it loudly that he doesn’t want to go to Barca till at least his contract is not over. And after such disgrace, no sane man will want to go to Barcelona!

And as far as Arsenal is concerned, if we rejected a bid last time, how are we going to agree to something less this time? Are they f***ing mental or are we a club who can be toyed around with and humiliated along with the players.  They are even humiliating themselves but you can expect that from Barca. If a certain nobody is valued at £40 million, a certain striker can go for £50 million and one for £35 million, where is the justice in offering £27 million for one of the world’s best midfielders? If you don’t have the money, forget about him. Buy something that you can. This is the basic rule of buying. Geez! Barcelona can play the best football but can’t understand this simple thing!

We need more players like Emmanuel Frimpong, Chris Samba wants to take the next step, Carlos Vela is staying at Arsenal!

June 24, 2011

These past few days have been really boring with nothing new happening. And in all the boredom, Samba’s signing has gone from being interesting to done to a matter of want-to and don’t-want-to and we are still where we were when we played the last game of the season. It now seems that Blackburn is not willing to sell their backdone. Blackburn’s manager, Steve Kean, has been quoted as saying, in regard to Samba’s possible departure

“We don’t have to sell him. He signed a five-year contract in the last window and he’s one of the players we would like to keep… we are going to try and hold on to all our good players.”

Well it was surely going to happen. On the other hand, Samba himself has come out said that he is ready to take the next step and hopes that Blackburn won’t “put a stick in the wheels”.

“I know there are discussions with some clubs. If a good opportunity arises, I want to seize it. It is necessary that the club understands that I want to go one step further. I hope they will not put a stick in the wheels. It’s been four and a half years I have been at Blackburn and two years I have played in relegation battles.”

This does sound similar to our own situation of Fabregas to Barca, the only difference in that Fabregas hasn’t publically said that he wants to move away (or has he?). Now I can’t tell what will happen in this case but one thing is for sure that if we really are moving in for him then we will be required to pay a hefty price. Is Wenger willing to pay such a price? This is a question that can be answered by Arsene alone, although, I myself am convinced that this summer he will. When remains to be seen!

By the way, the thing that made me laugh was when I read the same story that has been out there for the last two years, ‘Arsenal moving in for Phil Jagielka’. Seriously, do the people who right such stories don’t think for an instant what they are writing. One moment we are after Samba, Jagielka isn’t even mentioned, the next, as soon as Blackburn says we won’t sell him, we are after Jagielka. It is one thing to speculate and another to just put up the same story that has been read over and over again. They must really believe that people don’t think! 

Anyways moving on, the latest development on Clichy is that he wants a move to Liverpool despite an offer from Roma that includes £30 million wages for 5 years according to The Sun. Is Liverpool offering more in wages or Clichy doesn’t want to play European football next season? Sounds quite ridiculous to me but if this report is true then Clichy will have his reasons.

The only new development is in regards to Carlos Vela. His agent is saying that Vela is going to stay at Arsenal as he is very much in Wenger’s plans. His agent, Eduardo Hernandez has told ESPN Radioformula in Mexico

“I have had eight conversations with Arsenal, the most recent was last Friday, and Carlos is an Arsenal player, he will stay at Arsenal and is not for sale. The process with Carlos is a little bit slow. Arsene Wenger is an extremely demanding coach, he sent him on loan for six months to West Brom not with the results he wanted, but, nevertheless, everything is going very well.”

We have seen very little of Vela at Arsenal and I believe it has been unfair on him. He himself hasn’t been able to grab the opportunities and make his mark.  But that also is our own fault as we have been playing him out of position. His finishing is good, can improve, still the main problem is that we cannot get the best out of him by playing him wide. That is why I think the best option for him will be to move away from Arsenal or go on loan for a whole season. We do need a striker though and Vela is not the solution for next season. It is all my opinion though and we can’t really say what Wenger has in his mind.

Before I conclude, I would like to share what Emmanuel Frimpong has said on twitter about being ever shown the door at Arsenal

“Arsenal FC is pumping through my veins. I will never leave Arsenal even if I get released I will beg on both knees to stay they’re going to have to escort me [out].”

If only we can have the same attitude from all our players!