Goodbye Nicklas Bendtner and welcome Eden Hazard!

Nicklas Bendtner made it clear at the start of this month that he wants to leave Arsenal hundred percent. It now seems that he may have his wish as Besiktas have made an approach for him. It is being reported that Besiktas will be making a 10 million offer for the Danish front man this week.

However, Inter Milan is also in the mix, as they have shown interest in him. If both the clubs are involved, we may after all get a good price for the Dane. What then matters is where Bendtner wants to go and hopefully he will decide very soon. Personally I feel that 10 million is a great deal. At least we will get the money for buying Samba. And with him gone we may get room for signing a striker who is in-league with Robin van Persie.

In other news, we have stepped up our pursuit of Lille’s young winger, Eden Hazard and there are reports that we are going to bid for him this week.

With everyone having their eyes on Nasri’s situation, it’s about time we secured one of our long term targets before other clubs seize him. Eden hazard, widely recognized as the one of the best young talents is in sight of many clubs which now also includes Barcelona.

At Arsenal, many see him currently as a possible replacement for Nasri, if he decides to leave. However, I would want him to come to Arsenal even if Nasri stays.  The question that remains is will Arsene Wenger offer the £25-30 million price set on him? I guess that Wenger will this time because you rarely find talents like him. Below is an excerpt from an article written in The National about him.

His is the kind of pace which terrifies: quick changes of direction, instant acceleration, continuous movement. Coupled with the athletic gifts is a sublime technique. Hazard has the kind of ball control which cannot be taught, the type you see in video games, ball stuck to his foot. His passing is accurate, his vision is improving. What’s more, he is unselfish. So sound are his fundamentals that he will often pass up a shot to find a better placed teammate, a legacy of what he was taught as a child.

After reading the above, tell me if he wouldn’t fit at Arsenal!?

Have your say in the comments!

14 Responses to Goodbye Nicklas Bendtner and welcome Eden Hazard!

  1. nasricalledmeacunt says:

    Cant wait to sign him and show the rest of those premier league and journo cunts that writing off arsenal is hazardous.

  2. Ashwin Widge says:

    Sounds like Hleb to me, but a younger and a better version

  3. Jack Straw says:

    He’s the one player I’ve hoped we buy for about two years, but sadly I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’d love to be proven wrong, though!

  4. RmanGoon says:

    I dont think Hazrd will join us. My view, he is off to Barca. If that happens, I think we should get Affelay.

  5. Scott says:

    Sadly there is no chance we’ll spend 25-30m

  6. Puke itopa felix says:

    I hope it then..hw do u combine Nasri,hazard v.p,walcot&Gervinho?

    • vled says:

      Wenger will find a way. Nasri can play in the centre. Walcott and Gervnho both can play as forwards. Hazard will be better on the wings. Two players for each spot. We will have to sell Rosicky and Chamakh though.

      Hazard/Gervinho RVP/Walcott/Gervinho Walcott/Nasri

      It all hypothetical. lots of ifs and buts

  7. Rashel's arsenal says:

    Arsenal will never spend that amont. Not with this lot in charge!

  8. Pls we need eden hazard wenger he has got all d attribute we need in a proving player. Keep nasri and get hazard also so dat there will be competition in d team get also gervinho one central defender, left back and a world class striker believe me we will win d league and including champions league as well

  9. get him pleasssssssssssssssssse says:

    i think hes coming with gervhino but they dont want the media going crazy so there waiting for july the 1st but who knows fingers crossed

  10. Samchixp says:

    I did love 2c him @ Arsenal, bt it’s all up 2 AW; is he going 2 spend d cash? Let’s jst wait & c…,

  11. kolaoba says:

    i dnt believe that AW will sign any player until i see a red and white shirt displayed by such player.

  12. feranmi says:

    Aw is greedy he cant sign any player,leave ur team or else

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