Christopher Samba to Arsenal!?

Should we sign him??

After losing Phil Jones to United and with Man City looking to seize Gary Cahill, the latest name for whom we have stepped our pursuit to sign is Blackburn’s defender, Christopher Samba. We were linked with him in January before he extended his contract to be tied down with Blackburn till 2014/15.

It seems now that he is a top target for us after Gary Cahill. Standing at 6’4”, he will surely solve our problem of lack of height at the back. He is strong and had a pretty good season with Blackburn having single handedly controlled their defense. He has been in the Premier League for a while now so experience may not be an issue.

Steve Stammers in the Mirror this morning has also said that Wenger will be looking to bring in Samba to add muscle and power to the centre of defense.

With a value in the region of £10 million he might be a bargain considering the prices of defenders in the EPL these days. I would prefer Cahill over him at any time but considering City is in the mix, we will never be able to match them with the money they will offer Cahill. We do need a defender though and if not Cahill then Samba might be a good option.

After all Wenger did admit he will be looking for height this summer. Keep your fingers crossed!!

10 Responses to Christopher Samba to Arsenal!?

  1. kevmacn says:

    I have to say that if we are gonna buy him or cahill then surely it would be done by now. they have linked long enough to know that if arsene really wanted either of them they would be signed by now.

    Arsenal fans are being built up for what i feel is gonna be a disappointing summer.
    so get ready for it

  2. Samba is good if aresna can sign him, samba will be a good parthership with vam pls that aresna wenger 2 sign him.

  3. peter says:

    As we miss Jones and possibly Cahill, pls Prof. Wenger go for Samba, he is strong and good height

  4. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    Samba would be a good solution and would have a lot easier time understanding the French chatter at the back than Cahill would.

  5. jinx says:

    i really do think samba will be much better for arsenal than cahill would…why do the English funs hype him so much? Samba is much better,he defends well and aggresively and attacks as well when situation calls for it. So does TV, if that is not a match made in heaven,i dnt knw what is!

  6. Samba is tall and stonger than cahill, samba is a good player wil play along with d other player and d team

  7. Arsenal4Life says:

    Why not Samba, Sakho and Vertonghen for CB,LB,DM!
    Also Sakho and Vertonghen can play CB and LB!
    Hazard, Gervinho and Falcao for the Attack!
    If Hazard is not possible then go for Nzogbia!

    Sell: Almunia, Squilachi, Denilson, Rosicky, Clichy and Bendtner! Fabregas only for 50 million!

    Sagna Samba Vermaelen Sakho
    Song/Vertonghen Wilshere
    Nasri RVP Hazard/Gervinho

  8. Cass says:

    I been saying for a very long time SIGN SAKHO for god sake – forget Samba, Sakho is 20x better than him and Cahill put together. Samba does not inspire me what so ever, yes i agree we need a much stronger CB – but wasn’t Samba part of the 7-0 drubbing at Old Trafford and Cahill was in the 5-0 defeat against Stoke in the SF of the FA Cup! You also might laugh but i also think Shawcross would be a better signing also – yes he broke Ramsey’s leg but not on purpose, i would take Sakho and Shawcross over Samba or Cahill – but that just my opinion we just have to wait and see what Wenger comes up with bcoz he has to spend now the situation can’t carry on like this – the fans are turning against him and the team!

  9. […] Christopher Samba to Arsenal!? After losing Phil Jones to United and with Man City looking to seize Gary Cahill, the latest name for whom we have […] […]

  10. Tunde says:

    I dont hav much 2 say jst tu plead wit prof to make sure he make d right choice.nd sign more quality players

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