Barcelona players get extra wages for tapping up Fabregas! Man City after our targets and van Persie has a point!

Going through the all the news, I was surprised at how much time Barcelona players have. Every now and then you will hear someone asking Fabregas to come back to Barcelona.  It’s like they get extra wages for tapping up Fabregas on daily basis and saying how much he loves Barcelona. A couple of day’s back it was Iniesta who said that Fabregas will gel in well with Barcelona. A day later it was Pique having a go with saying something similar. At least change the script. It is getting boring. And it reminds me of how Barcelona plays, “It’s my turn with the ball… it’s my turn with ball…”

And just imagine what their conversations these days will be

Pique: “Today it is my turn to tap up Fabregas.”

Iniesta: “No! It’s my turn.”

Pique: “But you had your say yesterday!”

Iniesta: “But I am short on money! Give me your lines and no one will notice.”

Pique: “No way dude! I have memorized all the lines for today. You can have Xavi’s turn tomorrow.”

Seriously! Get a life or come up with a bid worth of Fabregas’ caliber.

Jokes aside there is nothing much happening. There was a report that said that our bid for Gervinho has been hijacked by Man City. After saying in yesterday’s report that we may have signed him, I can’t say anything about this. But one thing is for sure that Lille have refused Tottenham’s bid of €12 million for Gervinho.

Lille’s general manager Frederic Paquet has been quoted as saying

“We received an offer of €12m (£10.6m) from Tottenham which was refused”

That means that his price is more than that of €12 million and it seems very unlikely for Wenger to splash such amounts on him. Or maybe he has already signed for us. We can now only wait and see where Gervinho goes, if he does leave Lille.  

Man City has also launched a bid for Bolton’s Gary Cahill. It will be another great blow for us if Man City can somehow buy out Cahill.  Wenger get him now or it will be too late.

Tough times indeed for us. Meanwhile, Van Persie had something interesting to say.

“Every year it always goes wrong in an identical way and that is frustrating. When you look at results in the last years, then Arsenal shouldn’t be talking about winning the league because too many times things have gone wrong.

Sometimes you have to eat the truth and be realistic. But I do believe with the signing of a number of players, then next season we should be in there competing for prizes.”

Harsh but he speaks the truth and till the time we don’t realize our mistakes and correct them we will tend to suffer. It is also a clear message to Wenger that the players want to see some new faces. If van Persie is saying that we shouldn’t be talking about winning the league then something really is wrong.

As for Diaby, I can’t believe what he was thinking when he was talking out loud with owning a spurs shirt. Geez!! From where did we get such players? Even if you own it keep it to yourself. And if you really want to go to spurs say it out loud and go. You won’t be missed seeing you never play three games in a row.  And you won’t have any difficulty wearing the shirt out on the streets.

I guess that would be all for now. At the moment every player on whom we are laying our hands are being snatched out of our clenches. But hey! I am not giving up and never will. Keep your fingers crossed!!

6 Responses to Barcelona players get extra wages for tapping up Fabregas! Man City after our targets and van Persie has a point!

  1. I was hoping Arsenal would win the league this season. I heard a commentator say “Arsenal they attack like men but they defend like children.” It was too close and that must be painful to the fans (and to players). Not particularly a fan but I know the squad is talented. Anyone but Man Utd! Cheers.

  2. tilahun says:


  3. Mukhtar Abdullah says:

    Wenger is not helping matters with the way he goes about negotiating for the player(s) he intends to buy, because in a competative market like football where clubs sells to the highest bidder, you try to seal the deal there and then . Wenger should realise that he is been scouted by other Coaches , because Wenger’s targeted players are always talented as they (coaches) lurk around for Wenger to fumble in the negotiation while they cash-in since they know very well wenger will not agree with the club in question on the valuation of the player(s) but without much-a-do the coaches pay and wenger is left agonising. Wenger should his transfer policy if ever he wants to win any throphy againg. A GUNNER 4 LIFE.

  4. eve says:

    does it realy matter anymore who is tapping cesc, he wants to leave this beautiful club we have, he wants to leave all his loyal fans, he wants to leave being the captain of a club to just being a player with barca, he wants to leave being the heart and soul of our team to warming the bench at barca. cesc wants to leave because he wants to win silverware, he wants to be with his real family, and those so-called friends of his. cesc wants to go home, it doesn’t matter about his friends tapping up, cesc doesn’t need people telling him what is best for him, hes a very inteligent man, its time we listened to what he wants.

  5. krishnan says:

    I LOVE ARSENAL A LOT. but i want a good signing for this season to win premier league title. this type of player we should sign Torres and Silva, inesta, essien, terry
    we have quality players like Nasri and fabregas, clichy , ramsey, vermalen thomas,
    thats it, no good goalkeeper its hurting me yar

  6. Ismail says:

    I do believe Arsene Wengar should go rampaging to sign the player he has on his wish list….Market is very competitive now and you have to fight to sign your man and that what Arsenal Should Do…Show other Club Some Cannon Power…….Don’t let Gervinho slip away from our hands to some one looser like Man city…..They are just a junkyard where players arrive and sit on the bench and wait for their turn to get burned….I also want to say Gervinho that go for the game instead of Money…its only Arsenal who will bring you Harmony….I also Want to see Players Like Cahil, Benzema, Bojan, Samba, verthongen, and if possible hazard

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