Barcelona’s academy breached again by Arsenal!!

After agreeing 5-year terms with 16-year-olds Jon Toral and Hector Bellerin from Barcelona last month, Arsenal have once again breached the famed Barcelona’s La Masia academy. This time we are after a 17-year-old wonder kid Gerard Deulofeu. He is a talented winger and has been likened to Ronaldinho at the academy.

According to Sportsmail, Arsenal’s chief scout, Steve Rowley, was in Switzerland to witness the under-19 European championship qualifiers and was impressed with the youngster apart from watching Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

If these reports are to be believed then I am really disappointed. The reason being that  how many more young players are we going to sign!? We already have almost 50 of our own, and we have added at least four more. What are we going to do with these many youngsters? Turn them into world class players and sell them!! Because this is what’s happening and what’s going to happen if we flood our club with too many young players.

It is one thing to infuriate Barcelona (which I like) and another to just buy every talented youngster out there. It is no wonder the senior players want to leave. I don’t care if he is the new Ronaldinho or Messi (a new Messi would be fine though). He is not going to help us next season or the season after that. We don’t need to build another squad. We have the base, we only need to strengthen the squad and signing young players is not the way.

Also I don’t understand why every youngster is agreeing to join Arsenal but not the established players. Is it because they know they will get the chance to create a name for themselves here and when the time comes will leave for other clubs.

Seriously, it is getting frustrating now. This is what I feel as I will leave the question to you. Are we going on the right path in signing young players??

4 Responses to Barcelona’s academy breached again by Arsenal!!

  1. Jake Vans says:

    YES, too many people only think about the “here and now”. It was not Wengers fault that we did not win the title last year……it was the players. They have the talent……Wenger brought them here and developed it….that is why everyone wants our players. The players themselves have little to no heart.
    I have been reading now for awhile that it’s Wenger fault, splash the cash, buy big named players….How many teams won the league last year? Yes, only one…..that means that all Chelskies, Man City, Real, Inter, Bayern…….all the cash they spent went to the same result has Arsenal. Men United only one because each player who pulls on that shirt has a belief, faith and desire to win for that club.
    The talent is at Arsenal……that is without question. The desire…….HUGH QUESTION!
    So, stop bashing the man who brought you Henry, Viera, Lujenberg, Pires, stuck with and brought Tony Adams from the brink. Developed Fab and Nasri…….Have some freaking faith……Would you want to play for a team that had fans that did nothing but bitch, moan and complain like the Arsenal fans do?
    Our greatest game last year was against Barcelona in the first Champions league encounter at the Emirates. Never have I witnessed the Arsenal supporters as loud and “supportive” as this night. Look at the result….it speaks for itself.
    Stop being gutless fans…… can go to Tottenham for that. BE a REAL GUNNER! SUPPORT THE MAN WHO Made ARSENAL what it is TODAY! A hugh club, always in the mix, admired for the football they play, with trophys sure to follow if the fans can just be that…..FANS!

    • vled says:

      @Jake Vans: I am grateful for your comment but it would have been better if you had read the post or even tried to understand it.
      If you had read the post, you would have realized that the crux of it all was that do we need more young players?? I never questioned the talent at Arsenal nor Wenger’s ability nor the players he has produced.
      You mention Fabregas and Nasri but forget that both want to leave!! Why?? Why every young player is agreeing to join Arsenal?? To want to leave when they are established!?
      You mention our player’s desire is a question mark but have you wondered why it is so!?Think about it and seriously, please read the post before commenting. And yes you are the’ REAL’ fan and have the right to ask others to go to spurs…

  2. hi every gunner i do believe Arsene wenger is doing the right thing by signing young talents but the problem is that most of them lack a lot yet at the moment we the fans we want a smile on our faces that’s why i think the manager should consider young players but with class imagine if he can sign Hazard to add on our attacking force because walcot is an inconsistent player and they share roles, subotic to partner vermaelen in defense or he can even partner another one in case the verminator is not around,gregory vandarweil to compete for a place with sagna at right back and let eboeuy leave, marcos senna though he is 34 but he can bring him to help song and also groom frimpong as he uses him sparingly, karim benzema/ cavnhi / falcao to partner R V PERSIE up front and let bendtner leave on loan and also a better goal keeper like Renny adler not forgetting vertoghen to play at left back and let clichy go since he doesn’t want to stay
    the manager should also let these players leave almunia , eboeuy, clichy ,denilson on loan, arshavin, bendtner on loan,carlos vela, fabiansky, squillaci after making those signings my chice of line up should be ADLER defence VANDARWEIL, SUBOTIC,. VERMAELEN, VERTOGHEN midfield song, wilshere, fabregas forwards Nasri ,BENZEMA, VANPERSIE on the bench sczechny walcot koscienly sagna hazard ramzey senna what do you think about my idea

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