Arsene Wenger geared up for the summer as he confirms there will be arrivals and departures!

Arsene Wenger is geared up for the summer as he recently admitted that this will be a massive and important summer on all fronts for Arsenal.

The task is three fold for Arsene Wenger this time. He has to make sure that our best players don’t leave, he has to sell the dead weight at Arsenal for whatever their worth and he needs to sign quality players to strengthen the squad.

The manager is ready for it as he said that work has already started with everyone at the club busy in finding solutions to improve the team. Wenger said that his priority will be to hold the squad together but didn’t rule out departure of some and arrival of new players.

Speaking to Arsenal TV online on Friday, the manager said:

“[That my first priority is to keep my squad together] is true [but it] doesn’t mean that there will be no movement. There will be some movement of players who have played less, who need to play and as well of course we will try to strengthen our squad again but we want to keep the basis and style of play we have.

We are very very busy all over our Club, we are looking, analysing, talking to people. There are two steps in the transfer market during the summer, the first is very early and the second one is very late. In between there is a little bit of no man’s land because people are on holiday, it’s difficult to get in touch so a lot will happen at the start and a lot will happen at the end but I believe June will be relatively quiet. But early end of May, early June could be quite busy.

[One of the most important summers of my time at Arsenal?] Yes, I think so, we had a few important ones but this will certainly be a big one, on all fronts.”

Denilson is the first one to come out and say that he wants to quit and maybe there will be others. Let’s hope Wenger has the right people looking in the right areas and we get to see new faces early in the transfer window.

5 Responses to Arsene Wenger geared up for the summer as he confirms there will be arrivals and departures!

  1. Gavin says:

    I really hope he keeps his word this summer and strengthens the squad with top class experienced players. If its more of the same french league unknowns then I think we can forget trophys til Wenger move’s on.

  2. Adebayo says: not wit players dat wil givn less perfmance.we wnt 1st class players dat worth d club’s name. Pls.hold on nasri,Glichy.bcos we needs chngs this time around.

  3. galaxy says:

    well its good to sell the players who are not ready to deliever denilson,almunia,bendtner,rosicky and squllaci should all leave therefore wenger should add experience players to the remaining squad if he is to end his six years trophyless season

  4. rock gunner says:

    we should be sign big 1 CB and 1class striker!i already known we never want to change our youth system & we have a lot of young we need to trengthen our squad again and we must be win tittles for our anniversary year! and then really really want to watch next season with our young talents like Henri,Frimpong,Miquel,and also Miyaichi and Jay.E.Thomas….good luck for coming year my gunners and today we must be win away game for 3th place. bcoz will be draw!

    • rock gunner says:

      Vela also…he’ll be great finisher & great support for team in coming future….we always want watch this guy!good luck my guy for senior squad for next year!

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