Arsene Wenger on Djourou and Szczesny’s start against Liverpool and Vermaelen’s return

Arsenal will face Liverpool on Sunday, where a win will take them to within four points of Manchester United. Arsene Wenger on Thursday gave the latest injury news ahead of the match.

While speaking to Arsenal TV Online, Arsene Wenger informed that there are no new injuries but there is a doubt on Sagna’s availability, who hasn’t yet recovered from his injury.

Meanwhile Djourou, Szczesny, Denilson and Song all have a chance to be available on Sunday. Wenger added that Djourou and Szczesny’s inclusion will be decided after how they perform in the training session because they have question marks on their fitness. 

The manager also gave good news on Vermaelen’s return as he confirmed that he has joined training. He added that we will need to show patience with Vermaelen as he has just joined the team and isn’t match fit yet.

On Thursday, Arsene Wenger said:

“We have no [new injuries] but we have a big doubt on Sagna. Djourou and Wojciech are question marks. Will they be fit? That all has still to be decided. We have two more days to find out. It could be a possibility that they could be available.

It’s difficult to say [what their chances are]. We have a test today [Thursday], we have a big test to see how they survive the training session. That will be very important. Denilson and Song have a chance to be available as well.

I am not reluctant [to use Vermaelen] but he is not match fit yet. He just joined the team this week so we have to be a bit patient with him.”

6 Responses to Arsene Wenger on Djourou and Szczesny’s start against Liverpool and Vermaelen’s return

  1. Gerson Steve says:

    Wenger please keep Emmanuel Eboue on course regularly. He is an all-time caretaker and can make wonderful improvements. He was superb last match against Blackpool!

  2. Emmanuel Steven says:

    It’s a good news have all this back from injury,am so much about vamaelen i want to see him play…

  3. That’s a very good news. I’l like to see vermaelen play against spurs. Good luck lads!

  4. lodu daniel says:

    Pleas wenger do u know that last time the likes of eboue were the one who took u to the final game in the champion league against bacelona?take care eboue will do his best in emirates.and all if u don’t us Ramsey send him on loan but don’t sell him b’se ur are too different agaist kids.

  5. Obed says:

    The difference between wenger and ferguson,ferguson uses committed players die hard players tactically discipline error prone players,until wenger buys these type of players we shld 4get abt trophies.the epl is utd they deserve it.wenger is pleased with second position.arsenal fans forget the epl dis season

  6. Alex Peter says:

    If Arsenal should win this league, no point need to be dropped. All the remaining matches should be won with a wide margine of goals and that Man U make a slip in atleast a game. If not, I see no other way out.

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