Do we need to sign a new keeper this summer?? | Robin van Persie injured, I hope not!!

It has been a week since the last time I updated my blog as my final year project and catching up on university work has kept me busy. During this time much has happened in the football world and I can’t make up my mind on what to talk first.

Anyhow, I will be quick and short over here. To start off with, the thing that I feared the most to occur in this International beak, I am afraid, has come to pass, which is an injured Robin van Persie returning to Arsenal. Van Persie got injured in the 5-3 win against Hungary on Tuesday after scoring the opener. He got a knee to his thigh and was substituted before half time. However, Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk believes that van Persie could be back for the weekend to play for Arsenal. He said:

“Robin got a knee to his thigh. With luck he could play for Arsenal this weekend.”

I really hope he does make it and that it isn’t a serious injury because without Van Persie, our chances of challenging for the title will surely be over. We are already in chaos at the back and if we lose our top goal scorer, I can imagine what the results will be in the final games. Last season when van Persie got injured on International duty, which ruled him out for half the season, similar things were said only to be revealed that it was a more serious injury. I hope this time it is not like that and he starts against blackburn.

The other bit is related to the goal keepers getting linked with us. Talks of Ajax keeper, Maarten Stekelenburg and Juventus keeper, Gianluigi Buffon to Arsenal have erupted after what happened in the Arsenal’s game against West Brom. Now, I am not sure if Stekelenburg is as good as he is rated. Although, I haven’t seen him play much except during the Football World Cup where frankly speaking he didn’t impress me much. He wasn’t the only one with Hugo Lloris also a high profile keeper who didn’t impress.   However, these are Stekelenburg’s words regarding a move to Arsenal:

“If Arsenal make an offer, I will leave Holland.”

Will we make an offer for him? I think that is a big NO! And I will leave the matter as it is.

Similarly, Gianluigi Buffon’s agent has also not ruled out Buffon’s move to Arsenal at the end of this season, although, we haven’t yet contacted him. I would have really liked to see Buffon come in as number at the start of this season and even right now when we need a keeper. However, after seeing Szczesny’s performance this season, I am not sure. The question that needs to be asked is that do we need to sign Buffon or any other keeper this summer? No doubt, Buffon is a top class keeper and he is an asset for any team, I feel a move to sign him or any other keeper will hamper Szczesny’s progress. We also have Fabianski, who has done well and we have Mannone in line and they will all be back next season. And hopefully next season we will not be in a similar situation, with three keepers injured, as we are now. Bringing Buffon or any keeper in for a high price I believe will be a waste of money when we can always spend that money to sign players in position we do need to reinforce, defense and defensive midfield to be precise.

The thing about which we should be concerned right now is that we have Almunia in goal and Lehman I feel isn’t yet ready to replace him, after his outing in the reserve game against Wigan. Sadly we cannot do anything but only hope we don’t suffer much because from now on till the end of the season, each game is a must win and if more goals are let in like the one Almunia conceded, it will bring an end to yet another season of ours which promised so much.

In other news, there was talk of Barcelona not having enough money for Fabregas or something similar and Xavi opening his mouth again to show how smelly it is. I won’t link to both the news. There is also talk of Clichy’s contract and him leaving us this summer, I hope he doesn’t because, Gibbs, I feel is not ready to take over. Also Arsenal has decided not to appeal Wenger and Nasri’s ban, a good decision and one I was hoping for. Also, we are going to have Fabregas, Song, Diaby and Walcott back for the Blackburn game. Szczesny and Djourou may yet feature for us before the season comes to an end. The international break is over (almost) and as of now we only have a doubt on van Persie. So, all is not lost yet. A winning streak from now till the end of the season and we will lift the trophy, fingers crossed!!

Have a good day.

7 Responses to Do we need to sign a new keeper this summer?? | Robin van Persie injured, I hope not!!

  1. Crouther says:

    We do not need to sign a new keeper, we’ve to be patient with what we have, lehman is alrite on contract basis. What we really need is maturity in defense. Thank you

  2. Sulemana Baako says:

    I think what we need most is a central defender a striker a winger

  3. Micheal says:

    We need striker like R v p but injury free

  4. Steve Palmer says:

    Of course we need an experienced goalkeeper, what we have are just fill in keepers for now, definitely not first choices. RVP is a fragile forward and must only be classed as second string, he spends more time injured than fit only capable of half a season at most, just as well his only one footed, as we probably wouldnt see him at all, So a fit and healthy striker who can play a whole season and be able to score 30 goals is a must. squilly has had a nightmare season so he should be offloaded and replaced Cahill would have been a good bet at Christmas but the incompetance of Wenger has now put Cahill out of our price range. Denilson has had another bad year the same as Rosiski and Diaby also Eboue has been dire. Mourhino is looking for a position in England and looks a good prospect to replace our frugal out of ideas Manager, trouble is the Board will probably not be able to have a large pay rise, year after year if Jose takes over, and a new cabinet would have to be brought. But of course groundhog day will be round again next year as the incompetant board do not like change, so come on you useless gunners give us another year of motivational dire play, i can’t wait. Oh! i nearly forgot, Shergar will probably return quicker than the robust Virminator.

    • Roy says:

      I gotta agree with you Steve.
      I’d buy Steklenberg, sell Flappy and Almunia.
      I’d buy Cahill, sell Squillaci.
      I’d buy Hazard, sell Denilson and Rosicky.
      RvP isn’t a starter, his pathetic total of games played eludes to that fact. But. I can’t for the life of me think of a “Wotld class” striker. Nic B has gotta go though!

  5. Stephen says:

    Really will an experience goalkeeper. If at all we finally get tight defence, their will be a time that those crazy strikers will want to break the defence so we need a very sharp shot stopper.

  6. Stephen says:

    Really we need an experience goalkeeper. If at all we finally get tight defence, their will be a time that those crazy strikers will want to break the defence so we need a very sharp shot stopper.

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