Arsene Wenger on UEFA’s charge against himself and Samir Nasri

Arsene Wenger has strongly defended his actions and denied UEFA’s charge against himself and Samir Nasri.

Arsene Wenger and Samir Nasri were both charged by UEFA for “inappropriate language” towards Swiss referee Massimo Busacca after the game against Barcelona where Van Persie was controversially sent off. 

Speaking at his press conference on Thursday, Arsene completely denied the charge as he admitted he was baffled by it being made. He continued by explaining how it’s a shame that a wrong decision by the referee destroyed a very good game of football and how UEFA should show some humility and apologize for what happened rather than punish people who have done nothing wrong.

Wenger further added how the decision frustrated everyone who loves football and how Arsenal has suffered the most from it as it ended one of the club’s ambitions. Wenger firmly clarified that they have done nothing wrong and added how UEFA are being arrogant with their actions.

When asked about what happened, Wenger refrained from giving details of the incident by saying that he will give it to UEFA himself. However, Wenger openly said that he is ready to accept any charges if his statement on television after the game were wrong.

On Thursday, Wenger said:

“I deny completely any charge, I don’t understand where that comes from. It is a shame the referee took the decision to send Robin van Persie off because it was the wrong decision. The first game was a fantastic advert for football and the second game has been destroyed. The only thing that people remember is that the sending off killed the game. A bit more humility would do UEFA some good, to apologise for what happened would be much better than charge people who have done nothing wrong.

This decision frustrated us and frustrated everybody who loves football. Who has been punished is Arsenal football club. We are out of the Champions League, we have lost one of our big ambitions, we have been punished with a lot of damages and on top of that, we have to say sorry to UEFA. We have done nothing wrong. They organised the competition, they named the referees who come to the games. When you have a football game of that stature, you cannot come out with decisions like that and show a lot of arrogance on top of that. We can all understand that we can make wrong decisions, but after that it becomes dictatorship. Its not any more common sense.

I will keep that for UEFA if they really want to know because I will have some interesting statements to make about some statements made by people who were not supposed to say what they said.  You can check any statement I made on television after the game. If I have done anything wrong I am ready to be charged. As for what is said in the tunnel, if you can get only one thing where I have come out on what has been said against me or against the referee during my 15 years in England, I will pay for you to have a big holiday.”

2 Responses to Arsene Wenger on UEFA’s charge against himself and Samir Nasri

  1. Steve Palmer says:

    I would expect Arsene to ask the Question,( WHAT HAVE WE DONE IN FOOTBALL, WHICH WARRENTS THESE KIND OF DECISIONS.we try and play atractive football, welcome every visitor with respect. We try to play fair. But it is clearly visable that we are not favoured by any of the footballing organisations. We do fair and honest tradeding, perhaps being honest does not appeal to these bodies, i expect the same decisions the weekend, and i expect they will want us to be quiet again.

  2. Steve Palmer says:

    We find foreign tallent that are refused visas, players who have jobs and are prepared to pay their taxes, while our Goverment are prepared to pay benefits to illegal imigrants and help them all they can. Strange.!!!!!

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