Player Ratings: Arsenal 1 – 2 Birmingham City

I won’t go into how the game played out or what we should have done or where it went wrong. It was just one of those days where we sadly didn’t take the initiative and suffered. Bad luck for us as it came in a final where we had a chance to end our six years wait for a trophy.

I will say one thing though that most of our players did felt the pressure of playing in the final and also playing under pressure of a lot of fans expectations. Although, it should never have been the case but they will have learnt a vital lesson. I just hope we bounce back from this.

Coming to player ratings:

Szczesny (5): Made one excellent save and did well on most occasions. However, one wrong decision and one mix-up, not entirely his fault though, and two goals. Not what I was expecting from him. Experience does matter and this will be a great lesson for the youngster.

Sagna (5): Defensively wasn’t that commanding. Provided good support upfront as he delivered in a couple of good crosses.

Djourou (4): I think he felt the pressure of the final the most. Made a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes. Missed a few headers, misplaced a few passes, lost his man on the first goal. Need I say more? Also wasn’t expecting a performance like this from him.

Koscielny (5): He was much better than Djourou. He was solid on most occasion and made a lot of important interceptions but then went on to make a mistake he will never forget. What on earth was he thinking, I will never know and I will leave it at that.

Clichy (5.5): Did well on most occasions on the left side. Was good in the one-on-ones. Didn’t provide much support upfront.

Song (4): I guess he is tired after all. Wasn’t up to his best as he misplaced a lot of passes and never looked at ease in the middle.

Wilshere (7): One of our best players. He was great in the middle, gave his heart out. We needed more like him yesterday.

Rosicky (3): I don’t want to point fingers at any one but I feel he was the weak link for us. Was way too casual as if he was sure we will win. Misplaced a lot of passes in the first half as he failed to make an impact. Improved his game in the second but still not enough. He should have won it for us if he had been simple and not gone for a deft back heel near the end.

Nasri (7): He too was great out there. Took some time but he also gave his heart out. Made excellent runs, showed good close control, had shots on target. I guess it just wasn’t our day as there were very few playing like him.

Van Persie (7): Scored an excellent goal. But I guess luck always desert us in such time. Should never have gotten injured and should never have been substituted.  

Arshavin (6.5): Excellent assist for the goal and was one of the better players in the first half. Went missing in the second half as he was substituted.


Bendtner (6) had a couple of good moments but still lacks that extra quality Van Persie has. Chamakh (6) defensively provided good support. Upfront produced a good chance for Bendtner and Rosicky but both of them failed to utilize.

5 Responses to Player Ratings: Arsenal 1 – 2 Birmingham City

  1. Steve Palmer says:

    There is no doubt in my mind, we lost because of Cesc Fabregas not being in control in the midfield, the other midfielders did their best but it wasn’t good enough, its a shame that the end result was brought on by two of the players that have performed very good of late, goalkeeping on the wings should not be encouraged, and dont shout for the ball if you are not prepared to catch it, Kosi should have lumped it away, but took the call, hopfully they will learn through this and hopfully we will never see this again.

    • vled says:

      We did miss Fabregas but more than that we missed Diaby IMO. He would have provided better balance and control in midfield than Rosicky and he would have been a threat on set pieces too. As it stands, we just have to move on and learn from our mistakes.
      Szczesny and koscielny both need to forget the mistake and bounce back, we will need them if we want to end with something this season.

  2. zizou says:

    When was the last time we win a game with Rosicky in starting 11, I thought after Newcastle game Rosicky should never play for Arsenal again, he should go at the End of this year, he is getting pay 5 years without any effort, no wonder why he is giving a bad example for other players, stay in treatment room and get pay full salary.

  3. VANDITHA says:

    I feel we were again played through afraid of lost,but they are not afraid of lost like us(cos they are smaller than us) that it cause us lost the concentration and don’t know each other very well,especially our back five.i notice in every game when we lead them 1-0 or 0-0,they alway put the pressure on us and we usually lost the concentration and forget our this time we can get the injuries.i hope wenger will correct it and continue to make confident in other r.v.p get another injury i just hope he will fit in barca clash.

  4. Joe71 says:

    Your ratings were exactly the way I saw the game. Yes only 3 players could stand up and be counted (Wilshere, Arsh and Nasri). They got little support from the rest. We will never win anything while players play with no heart, no hard work. May be next season Frimpong, Ramsey and Diaby will be back, then we will not have to put up with Rosicky, Eboue and Denilson – 3 of the most gutless players ever. Denilson is so bad that even when others are doing poorly he cannot be trusted to come off the bench. What are we going to do about a consistent goal scoring striker to complement RVP’s persistent injuries ?

    And the worst of the lot ? Yes its that man AW, the only manager in football history to lose 3 cup finals in a row – and then pretends like their isnt a problem, so that he will not need to change the team. Yes we are still in 3 competitions, but our mountain injuries to key players, as usual, is blighting our end of season progress.

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