Newcastle 4 – 4 Arsenal: I just can’t believe what happened?

Well, I don’t know what to expect of Arsenal and the Premier League referees after this.

The first half was out of this world by Arsenal, four goals in 27 minutes, we were cruising.

The second half starts, Diaby gets his marching orders, and we collapse like a house of cards.

Diaby’s red card was justified, he should not have reacted like that but what about Barton’s tackle. Why was he on the field till the end? That tackle alone deserved a red.

The penalties decision given by Dowd, unbelievable. Maybe there is some truth to what Fabregas was accused of saying. So many inconsistencies from the ref. He was in no position to see what happened on the first one and he straight way pointed to the spot. The second one, I haven’t seen a penalty being given like that.

However, we were at fault for our own demise too. We weren’t keeping the ball in the second half after Diaby got sent off. There was a moment where I felt we looked confident but that disappeared in a whiff when Newcastle got the first goal.  With Squillaci replacing Djourou, we also looked uncomfortable at the back. There was no communication and everyone was just panicking. Which brings me to where the hell was our leader on the pitch? Why Fabregas and Van Persie didn’t stand up and take charge? We had a four goal lead; we should have won this even while sleeping.

This also reminded me of when we let a two goal lead slip and lose to Tottenham earlier in the season. That was as similar situation, where in the second half we completely switched off. Rather, we have improved on that with a point today and with 10 men down. However, with all the injustices you can never let a 4 goal lead slip, it’s criminal to say the least.

Totally embarrassing result.

Rant on!!

4 Responses to Newcastle 4 – 4 Arsenal: I just can’t believe what happened?

  1. emma says:

    when the ref is against you, there is nothing you can do to hold the game.

  2. Dan says:

    Arsenal deserved to be punished for the way they played and truly that is what has happened in this match. A full game is of two halves and Arsenal had the upper hand in the first half but Newcastle were the better team in the second half and the sending off just spurred them on. In fact it wouldn’t have surprised me if the Toons had actually gone on to win the match!

  3. emeka says:

    Im actually not concerned on how the match ended after a great performance in the first half by Arsenal; but im more concerned of the conspiracy and blue murder commited against Arsenal by premiership referries of recent and what possible reactions comes from the Arsenal board. Never, in the past 15yrs i have followed the EPL, have i experienced such gross ABUSE of power by a REF as witnessed in this match NEWCASTLE vs ARSENAL.And by all understanding, does this not go a long way to Vindicate FAB,over the claims of Moyes on BRIBE? it is a shame on how referring in the EPL has falling, its even more a shame that its all aimed at fraustrating Arsenal’s title ambition. I hope the Arsenal Board reacts to this.This is just the begining.

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