Cesc Fabregas responds to David Moyes’ accusation

Arsenal came back from a goal down to beat Everton at the Emirates last night. Everton, however, took the lead through a goal that shouldn’t have stood which clearly left the Arsenal team and fans furious at half time.

After the game, Everton’s manger David Moyes suggested that Fabregas should have seen a red for using foul mouthed words as the teams were heading for the break.  

In this regard, Fabregas has come out and given his side of the story.

Fabregas clarified that he respects all the match officials as their job is very difficult but admitted that he was upset at half time like the rest of the Arsenal fans as a result of going down to a goal that looked offside, against a good Everton side. He explained how players from both sides were saying things and that is part and parcel of football. He added that being passionate about his club and wanting to win every match, many things can be said in the heat of the moment.

Fabregas concluded by saying that nothing serious happened as the officials also haven’t included  anything in their report and that he just wants to focus on the next game against Newcastle on Saturday.

Fabregas said:

“There has been much talk about me saying things to the officials at half-time on Tuesday night. All I can say is that I have respect for all match officials. Their job is a very difficult one and their decisions are final.

Yes, I was upset at half-time. So too were about 60,000 Arsenal supporters in the stadium. We were one-nil down against a very good Everton side to a goal which we felt was offside. Of course I am going to be upset. Players from both sides were saying things as we came off the pitch, and this always happens in football.

I’m passionate about this Club and like all the players want to win every single match, so many things are said in the heat of the moment.

Clearly the officials feel that nothing serious happened, as I understand the referee has not included anything in his match report.

I just want to focus on our next match, which is another big challenge at Newcastle on Saturday.”

6 Responses to Cesc Fabregas responds to David Moyes’ accusation

  1. augustus ighonmieyetan says:

    moyes is a disgrace and also a fucken bad looser….he can’t even beat arsenal when we are 11 on d pitch,his comment shows he has no respect for d game at all…

  2. charles mhindu says:

    Fabregas has had a run-in with a number of managers from the opposing teams. ALL these managers cannot be wrong. He is our captain, we love him but I think its time Wenger tells him to cool it off a bit off the pitch. It looks like its mainly off the pitch or after the match that the other managers are complaining about. I could see MOYES was really upset with FABREGAS but he was also very respectiful and circumspect. I have absolutely nothing against him. In a hidden way FABREGAS has admitted to some wrong doing in the matter.

  3. Cyril says:

    I think Moyes is crying louder than the bereived. The match officials don’t see anything worthy of reporting against Fabregas, so why should Moyes complain? Don’t be a bad loser, focus on your next match and stop disturbibg the reading public

  4. Cesc Fabregas responds to David Moyes' accusation « redgunners…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  5. oyelowo says:

    Moye should stop distracting fabregas. He has been fantastic form this season for arsenal. He saved arsenal in both carling cup and fa cup. These bunch of losers should stop crying for nothing.

  6. Shevo says:

    The Referee report and FA’s decision not to follow up on this suggest Moyes is a fucking Liar . What is it about these 3rd rate tossers like him, Pullis, Sam A-Lard-Arse and Phil ‘The Orange’Brown when it comes to squealing to the press about Arsenal. Fuckers need to focus on the short comings of their own management skills and there shite teams rather than trying to stitch up players and a manger they are not fit to be in the same league as.

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