Wenger on Vermaelen’s surgery: It’s not a real surgery but a procedure, will take 4 to 6 weeks to return

January 18, 2011

Arsene Wenger has confirmed the reports regarding Vermaelen’s surgery while speaking to Arsenal TV online. But according to Wenger it’s not a real surgery. Wenger said that the correct medical term for it is procedure in which a little tendon, that has been the cause of discomfort, next to the Achilles tendon will be cut out.

It has taken long for the doctors to diagnose the problem but Wenger is very optimistic that this procedure will cure it.  As a result Wenger said that there will be a delay in his return.

A minimum of four up to a maximum of six weeks is the time frame that Wenger gave for Vermaelen’s return.

The time frame given by Wenger puts the return date near to the first leg tie against Barcelona in the Champions League. However, being out of action since September last year, Vermaelen will be short of match fitness.

Wenger knows this as he said that Vermaelen will need some games to be completely fit and ready just like Ramsey as he has been out for a long time.

Wenger regarding Vermaelen said:

“It’s not a real surgery. It is to take out a little [tendon] next to his [Achilles] tendon. It is to open it a little bit and cut out the [tendon] that has been causing the friction. It is a procedure, that is the right medical term.

We are very optimistic that [this will cure the problem]. But of course it is now what you call in football a little bit longer delay of four to six weeks.

Let’s count the weeks to Barcelona and you will know. I count a minimum of four weeks, maximum six, so it is not an unrealistic target.

But don’t forget as well he is a little bit in the situation of Aaron Ramsey, he has not played since the beginning of September, that means he will need some games to be completely fit.”