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January 12, 2011


Arsene Wenger’s latest injury update on Vermaelen and Squillaci

January 12, 2011

When Vermaelen had his injury back in September last year, he was supposed to be out only for a single match. With plenty of setbacks and delays, his return was expected by the end of January. However, that too is now in doubt after the latest update given by Wenger.

Arsene Wenger, while speaking to Arsenal TV online yesterday, revealed that Vermaelen suffered another setback in his injury on Saturday. Wenger said that they are consulting the top specialists around the world and they will know more about Vermaelen’s condition today as he had another check yesterday.

As a result, Wenger unfortunately couldn’t give the precise date for his return. However, due to this situation Wenger is going to buy a cover for him.

Also at the weekend, Squillaci became the latest Arsenal player to join the injury list. He suffered a hamstring injury in the match against Leeds.

Regarding him, Wenger said that it is going to take a minimum two to maximum three weeks to heal. It is a grade one hamstring injury according to Wenger, and if all goes well Squillaci will be back in two weeks.

Wenger, regarding Vermaelen and Squillaci said:

“He has another check today. He had another setback on Saturday that we are concerned with. We are consulting top specialists around the world. We’ll know more on Wednesday.

Unfortunately I can’t give you any precise date but I concede that, with this little setback from Thomas, we are in a situation where we will have to look around.

Squillaci will be out for a maximum of three weeks, minimum two. It is a hamstring injury but it is not too bad – a grade one. He’ll be back in two weeks if all goes well.”