Wenger on the team’s performance and his regret about the game

Despite dominating the whole game against City, it ended in a frustrating draw for Arsenal in terms of losing ground against United.

Arsene Wenger, however, is taking encouragement from tonight’s game as Arsenal did play well despite the game ending disappointingly. Wenger, after the game, said that the performance by the team was there, the result however is not. Mathematically it has ended in favor of Manu as Wenger said that the players are all disappointed. He further added that over all the belief has to be maintained and in the coming games the response should be with more quality.

With a flying start to the game by Arsenal, they struck the cross bar twice and Wilshere and Walcott both went close to scoring in the first half. However Arsenal failed to continue with the same momentum as the game entered the second half.

Wenger went on to explain that it becomes really difficult to keep the same momentum and freshness against the whole team back defending as the game goes on. There were long periods in the game where Arsenal had to find space among 10 players with even Tevez back in his own half. Wenger, however, regrets not taking the early chances to score. With Man City playing for a draw they got the result they wanted but according to Wenger had Arsenal scored one goal; the game would have changed altogether.

Wenger said that:

I feel we had the performance and not the result. But I take a lot of encouragement from tonight’s game, even if mathematically we are all frustrated and the players are very disappointed. But overall there is no way we should lose courage or belief in our team. It is the opposite. We should even come out with even more belief in our quality and be more resolute in the coming games because we have shown we have what it takes to be a serious contender in this League.

The regret I have tonight is that we did not take our early chances because that would have changed the game. They came here to have a 0-0 and they got what they wanted. I believe had we scored the first goal it would have changed the run of the game tremendously. We faced long, long periods in the game where we faced 10 men as Tevez – I have never seen him so deep. When we lost a little bit of sharpness and freshness in our movement, we looked less dangerous, because you need to play against 10 men like that in the final third. Quality passing, sharp movements… they became more difficult as the game went down.

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