Randoms thoughts on: Arsenal 0 – 0 Man City

A disappointing result in terms of points but we played very well.

First things first. We were the only team that went out there to get the maximum points and we were good for the full ninety minutes. We were pressing, passing, looking for openings, organized in defense, the whole team was helping each other out and we had shots on target too.

Man City came out only to defend as they hardly challenged our back line or keeper. The credit also goes to our good pressing because as soon as we would lose the ball we would get it back. They were very organized at the back and at times when they were beaten the woodwork or their keeper came to their rescue. Their tactics, however, were pathetic with the amount of talent they have.

In terms of the chances created, I feel we should have done more regardless of twice hitting the post. We did play great football at times with intricate passing and movement. Some of the decisions in front of goal, on a few occasions, were disappointing; otherwise we were very fluent in our movement and took our shots on goal. I feel, at times, we should have opted to go for the aerial ball.

Anyways, It was good to see the forward and midfield players coming back to defend and this is where we have improved in the past 10 days.

The result is frustrating no doubt but I am delighted by the way we are playing. We can only try and that is what we did today. We deserved to win today after playing so well and Man City didn’t even deserve a point IMO.

We just have to continue with the way we are playing see what happens at the end.

One thing is for sure, Man Utd, after this result, sits very comfortably at the top. And as hard as I don’t want to admit it, the title is United’s to lose now.


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