Arsene Wenger on Arsenal’s performance and Lee Bowyer’s tackle on Sagna

Arsene was delighted after Arsenal overcame the physical battle against Birmingham and recorded a convincing win yesterday at St Andrews. With goals in both halves of the match, Arsenal dominated the game with Birmingham at times mere spectators. 

However, Birmingham did try to get something from the fixture by resorting to their physical game. Arsenal coped well with it and responded with some excellent passing which completely shut Birmingham out of the match.

When asked about the match, Wenger said that the team was mentally prepared for the physical challenges. The plan, Wenger said, was to keep the ball down and play their game. Wenger said that the team played well with plenty of chances in the first half and an outstanding game in the second half.

He gave the credit to his players for keeping their focus and staying calm and intelligent in the game. He further praised the resilience showed by his squad and said that he was proud of them.

Regarding Lee Bowyer’s tackle on Sagna, Wenger said that he can’t comment on it as he hasn’t seen the replay. He continued by saying that he doesn’t want to think about it because the way Arsenal want to play football is more important. Wenger is, however, convinced that the win will have further strengthened the belief in the squad.

Arsene Wenger after the match said:

“We were prepared mentally today to face physical challenges and we prepared ourselves not to lose our game and be calm, intelligent and especially to have the focus to put the ball down and play our game. We had chances in the first half and in the second half we had an outstanding game.

We needed to be resilient without losing our nerves. I give great credit to my players for doing that because they kept calm, intelligent and never let nerves come out in their game. I am very proud of my team today.

I don’t want to talk too much about that because I haven’t seen a replay yet. I don’t want to keep that in my mind tonight because what’s more important is the way we want to play football. I am convinced this win today will strengthen the belief of the squad.”


2 Responses to Arsene Wenger on Arsenal’s performance and Lee Bowyer’s tackle on Sagna

  1. Arsene Wenger on Arsenal's performance and Lee Bowyer's tackle on ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  2. emeka says:

    An all round great performance. That was Arsenal in its real element, but we need to improve on our finishing. abeautiful start, very awesome.

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