Wigan 2 – 2 Arsenal report: The ref was clueless, yes but we have ourselves to blame

Well it proved to be a tricky fixture after all. Simply angered by this performance. We have no one but ourselves to blame for this along with the ref who played a major part but it would not have ended like this had we just shown some urgency today.

We started slowly, Wigan were making us look ordinary on the counter, upfront Arshavin and Bendtner were lazy, at the back we were leaving spaces open, in the middle  our players were taking  a nap, the ref had no idea he was refereeing and in all this Wigan took the lead through a penalty that was never a penalty.

We woke up somewhat but still were far from our best. Bendtner somehow got a shot in on goal that was saved by the keeper. The ball went to Arshavin who amazingly put it into the back of the net with an overhead kick. We were leveled. Minutes later Arshavin won the ball, powered down the middle, gave the ball to Bendtner, who was lucky that the ball stuck to his feet, and he slid the ball into the back of the net. We were leading now; surely we would wake up.

However, we returned from the break and started similarly. Wigan were having a go at us every time they got the ball. We should have killed off the game and we did get the chances. Arshavin missed a one-on-one after Wilshere did a one-two with Chamakh and lobbed in a perfect ball for Arshavin. Chamakh had a couple of headers off target.

And still we were not comfortable at the back. N’Zogbia had a chance to level up the scores but Fabianski did brilliantly to keep us in the game.

Wigan were reduced to 10 men when N’Zogbia was sent off for head-butting Wilshere. We now just had to keep the ball but as always we cannot live without making goal-conceding-mistakes. Wigan got a corner which was flown in to the far corner. Fabianski went for it but never reached there. He was caught off line as the ball flew back in and Squillaci, while trying to keep the ball from reaching the Wigan player headed it into the empty net.

When it seemed we will get the maximum points we did that. Anyhow, Wenger woke up after this as he sent Walcott and Nasri in.  

We tried and tried till the end but never got close to netting the winner. The ref made sure of that as we were denied penalty in a scenario similar to one in the match against Tottenham, where tottenham were awarded a penalty after Fabregas handled the ball while standing at the wall.

The final whistle blew with the final score 2 all.


Well we didn’t show up the way we should have after beating Chelsea. We were far too casual. We created less and never got our game going. Arshavin and Bendtner were anonymous for the whole games. They did get the goals but you have to be involved at all times. Our midfield was just absent. We weren’t holding the ball for long and at times gave it away cheaply.

The ref was very incompetent and some of his decisions were bizarre.

Fabianski again showed that he is not good in making decision on the high balls. That is now two goals in three days for not being able to make up his mind. He leaves his line to catch the ball, stops midway in no man’s land, ball flows past him and the opposition has an empty net to aim at. Only this time it was Squillaci. It’s just not acceptable. The defence maybe was partially at fault but the keeper is the one that marshals the defence and at the moment Fabianski is not doing that.

I also feel that Wenger got it wrong with the starting lineup. There was just no balance. To start Denilson alongside Diaby, who is returning from injury is just plain wrong. He also was very late in making the substitutions. It was quite visible that we were having difficult times out there. We should have either scored the killer goal by bringing in Walcott for Bendtner or brought on someone like Song early in the second half to give some stability at the back, if we were to defend the score. Wenger did nothing and when Wigan equalized, Wenger then sent in Nasri and Walcott, by then it ws too late.

In conclusion, it is two silly points dropped and I hope it doesn’t bite us in the end. We still are in it and let’s not be put off by this result. We have two important games coming up and we have to deliver in them. No more mistakes please!!


2 Responses to Wigan 2 – 2 Arsenal report: The ref was clueless, yes but we have ourselves to blame

  1. emeka says:

    Its unfortnate, but sometimes i think Wenga intentionally toys with the hearts of the fans. How cold he change an entire team that played against Chelsea? what was he trying to prove?

  2. pasolo says:

    wenger is to be blame. why not make changes before the equaliser. wenger always cost us matches like this and if we dont bounce back from this draw, wenger is to be blame.

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