A quick recap of our season so far

Almost half of the season is over and despite all the disappointing losses we are still up there and in all competitions. The losses have been really frustrating to say the least. I still believe that had we maintained our focus in the matches lost, we would have been running away with the title right now and in the Champions League we would have topped our group. Still all is not lost yet. More than half the season is yet to be played and if we play our best football, there can be no stopping us. Before heading forward here is a look at what we have done so far.

Premier league:

We started of the season by snatching an away draw against Liverpool. We followed it by some good away results including the win against Man City. In between, however, we lost frustratingly at home the games we would have won any other day. With a loss at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge we are currently second in the league behind Manu. Man Utd are top with five points (they have won their match against Sunderland).

Played: 17, Won: 10, Lost: 5, Draw: 2, League position: 2

Champions league:

After winning the opening three games we went onto lose the next two and finished second in our group with a win in the final group match. We have been drawn against Barcelona in the next round.

Carling cup:

We are to face Ipswich Town in the semi final after overcoming Tottenham, Newcastle and Wigan.

And we are where we are despite having plenty of injuries. Slowly and gradually our injured players are returning and we can only hope we don’t suffer more injuries.

Now I am in no way saying that what we have done is enough or we don’t need to improve. There are some problems that we have to get right. The thing that is of concern is that the reason behind some of the losses has been some poor team defending at times. We have given away silly goals and at the other end we also haven’t been clinical at times. Sometimes complacency has been the reason. However, we still have scored plenty of goals and only four teams have conceded fewer goals than us in the league.  

The other thing is that our home form hasn’t been at par with our away record domestically. It is the opposite in Europe but I won’t go into that as we have a more realistic chance of winning trophies domestically (I am not writing us off against Barcelona). As Wenger said that our domestic form is going to be vital to our success in Europe.

What we need is to build on our positive performances from the first half, solve our problems and end the season with something worthwhile. And also our home form needs to improve exponentially. We have the opportunity to do it and it starts with tomorrow’s game against Chelski. This game can be the catalyst to our season. Deliver tomorrow and we can forget what has happened in the past and look with certainty towards the future. Fail to deliver and we go back to where we started.

A loss won’t end our title aspirations but it may deal a severe blow to our confidence. We have to get this label off of us that we can’t deliver against big teams. If we do it tomorrow i have no doubt that this season is going to be ours.

Let’s hope that it doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment. We have the team and the belief, we just need to deliver.

3 Responses to A quick recap of our season so far

  1. Pas says:

    “I still believe that had we maintained our focus in the matches lost, we would have been running away with the title right now”

    Errrr, if ANY of the top teams maintained their focus then they also could have run away with the title! You say about Arsenals injuries…well Chelsea (Lamps & JT) & United (Rooney, Scholes, Giggs, Valencia, Anderson) have also had damaging injuries so give up on all the ‘only Arsenal are suffering’ rubbish.

    Had United not dropped silly points from winning positions etc (Fulham, Everton & Bolton to name a few) then they’d be miles ahead of Arsenal, Chelsea & City, no doubt about it. And thats not even taking into account

    And thats without even playing anywhere near their best whereas the other top teams have either had their peak form or have generally been in & out of peak form, Utd consistently get better in the 2nd half of their season & its certainly looking that way again this year, add on top of that the experience Utd have in consistenly winning the PL and the grit to fight to the very end makes for a very promising finish from them.

    • vled says:

      You can only win the title if you don’t drop silly points and capitalize on others mistakes. This season none have of the teams have been consistent except Manu, who although started slowly are looking more and more dangerous as is always the case.
      I just wanted to emphasize that had we taken advantage of the situation we would have been in the driving seat.
      As far as the injuries are concerned, where have I written that only Arsenal is suffering? I only talked about Arsenal doing well with the injuries.
      Manu has done well but Chelsea is clearly suffering, whether it’s the injuries or sacking of Wilkins, take your pick.
      I do, however, agree with you on that United get better in the second half and finish strongly.

  2. I have frequented your posts before. The more I learn, the more I keep coming back! (;~)

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