Koscielny out for three weeks, Vermaelen till new year: Will Wenger buy now?

Well fate it seems is always against us. As results started going our way with most of the squad available, we are now short of players at an important position (for at least three weeks if not more) where things already are scrappy. Our defence hasn’t been any way near convincing although they have been doing admirably without Vermaelen. Still as we move towards an important phase in the race, everyone should be available.

Koscielny: 'Out for three weeks'

As it stands, we are going to be without Vermaelen and Koscielny for at least three weeks. This means that we have only two centre backs till the start of New Year. Koscielny suffered a concussion in the tie against Fulham and he has been side lined for three weeks.

Wenger said:

“The medical team inform me he (Koscielny) has picked up concussion and could be out for three weeks”

As for Vermaelen on whom earlier reports suggested that he would be available for the Chelsea match, is not going to be back before January.

Wenger had this to say:

“Vermaelen is in a [protective] boot. We want him back and I hope he will be back soon, but not before January.”

So, with two centre backs we have to survive 5 games of which two are against Chelsea and Man Utd and one is the  must win game against Partizan. We have enough quality to get results against these teams but the thing is any further injuries at the back and we would be where we were last season.

This brings me to the point that I want to raise. At the moment we don’t know for sure when Vermaelen will be back (though I wish he will be back soon). We also know we are not lucky enough to go a single week without a new injury. And we can’t rule out the defenders from this. So in order to cope with the scenario we need a new defender in the January window to make up for injured members. Wenger in the last week has said that he will buy if injuries forced him. It’s just a matter of time now before Wenger would have to make a decision on this.   

This month is important and I hope that as last season, injuries don’t become a deciding factor. We still have lots of matches to go till the end of the season and one must not look too much ahead, but one must be prepared for the worst. Although new signings won’t help us this month but we have to avoid the situation that we had last season. Wenger would be thinking along these lines and let’s hope things do go in our favor but a new defender is what we need to avoid situations as such in the future.

9 Responses to Koscielny out for three weeks, Vermaelen till new year: Will Wenger buy now?

  1. Paul C. says:

    So let me get this straight, TV and KOs will both be back by January. The transfer window opens in January. AW should therefore buy a new defender.

    Wow. What logic. Since your entire argument hangs on preparing for the worst, why not buy a 2 new strikers, 2 new midfielders, and 2 new defenders? After all, everyone could injured.

    Man, I am very glad that people like you dont run Arsenal Football club.

    • vled says:

      Everyone can be injured yes, but Vermaelen is injured and no one is sure when he will be back (I do hope he does return by January). If for instance he doesn’t return by the end of January then what? I am only saying this that if Vermaelen injury continues then we will be needing a new defender. And if you will look closely, you would have noticed that I have written, ‘It’s just a matter of time now before Wenger would have to make a decision on this.’

  2. Byo says:

    I get tired of this canard that our defence has not been convincing- you are just repeating what you heard on MOTD again. How many teams in the EPL have conceded less goals than Arsenal?- chelsea 11,manC 12, ManU 16(and we are on 18); and only ManU have scored more, by 1.

    And AW should buy more central defenders because we have 2 out for 3 more weeks, when the tranfer window does not open for 3 more weeks?
    Really, I am tired of all these bloggers who want to buy, buy, buy! Pls let AW do his job.

  3. Matt H says:

    We definitely don’t need to buy in January. I think this season many fans are finally starting to realise that Wengers plan is now bearing fruit. We are in a good position in all competitions and have depth in pretty much every area. Vermaelen is not a crock, so the chances of him seeing the season out are fairly high. Until then we’ve got the strong partnership f Squillaci and Djourou, with Nordveit on the bench for defensive cover. Theres no way we’re in crisis yet!!

  4. rishgoon says:

    No need to buy. Koscielny will be out for maybe a week, 10 days max. Wenger said he won’t buy unless he needs to, so at this stage he won’t.

  5. GoonerTerry says:

    I would drop Song back to partner Djourou and play Nordveit in the DM role vacated by song. No one at the club tackles like Nordveit but I don’t know why AW doesn’t seem to fancy him..any comments?

  6. AcGooner says:

    We need a strong tall killer-striker. Or modify Chamack so he will start to hit the ball instead of keeping it for a pass. Having such striker against Fulham would make score 4-0 may even before Sq accidentely kicked Kos. The rest of the team OK, including Faianski and Clich.

  7. i advise wenger to buy new striker who can suprise by shooting away from box incase if the play with tough teams

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