Wenger on believing in Nasri, Nasri’s goals, Koscielny’s injury and Arsenal’s title challenge

Today’s match hero was none other than Nasri as he scored too remarkable goals to send us top of the league. Wenger was full of praise for Nasri after the match as he said that he always knew Nasri had the talent. A lot of people questioned Wenger when he bought him but now Nasri is showing that he is exceptionally talented. Wenger was off the view that more is still to come from Nasri.

” I always was a strong believer in him.  Many people questioned me when I took him here but he is showing that he is an exceptional talent and I think there is more to come from him.” 

On the two goals scored by Nasri, Wenger said that it required patience and Nasri did well on both occasions. It was a combination of intelligence and talent. He said that he was happy for him as he has added a lot of variation to his game. At the moment he is turning, making runs off the ball and also carrying the ball at his feet. Overall he is improving game by game and getting more efficient.

“It was a combination of touch, intelligence, special talent and calmness as well. He needed to be patient to finish on both occasions and he did that very well. I’m happy because he had a game that was, at the start, only based on coming to the ball. But now he has more variation in his game: turns, runs in behind without the ball, and as well coming to the ball and taking it to his feet. So his game is improving and he is, of course, more efficient.”

With 11 goals already to his name, which is more than the combined goals in the previous two seasons, Nasri is really turning it on this season.

Wenger was however not impressed when the ref allowed the match to be played on after Squillaci and Koscielny’s collision. Although, after looking at the replay he said that it was difficult for the ref as Koscielny didn’t fall down immediately.

“That is the approach that I made to the referee. But having seen it again, it is difficult for the referee because Koscielny tried to play on, he did not immediately fall down, and that is why the referee allowed the game to go on.”

On Koscielny’s injury he said that he hasn’t yet spoken to the doctor but he has a concussion.

“[Koscielny has] concussion. I don’t know what the medical people will say and how long he will not play. I haven’t spoken to the doctor yet.”

On the level of consistency shown by Arsenal and the title challenge, Wenger said that Arsenal is good enough to go on as all teams are struggling. It will be all down to consistency as there is a lot improvement from other teams. Despite having lost  games, Arsenal are top of the league and Wenger believes you have to be performing in every game to get the points.

“We are good enough to go on, that is for sure. As you see, every single team struggles to be consistent. At the moment, we are where we are despite having lost three games. Today, you could see again every game is a cup final. And if you’re not completely up for it, you don’t take the three points. We have the spirit, we have the quality but we face tough opponents. And it will be down, as I have said already many times here, to consistency.

The championship is far from over at the moment as Wenger said that the desire and spirit is there. The end will determine that was it enough.

“We are far from winning the championship yet. The only thing I can say: we have the desire and the spirit to fight for it. Will it be good enough? We’ll have the answer in May.”


2 Responses to Wenger on believing in Nasri, Nasri’s goals, Koscielny’s injury and Arsenal’s title challenge

  1. stephen says:

    Spot on Arsene,Nasri has been our main man this season and i hope he stays injury free.Others should emulate him. I was particularly impressed with Djouru,the boy did well.

  2. Wenger on believing in Nasri, Nasri's goals, Koscielny's injury ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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