Player ratings: Arsenal 2 – 0 Wigan

The match didn’t turn out to be difficult at all. Wigan were really poor as we made easy work of them without really getting out of second gear. The result although sends us into the semi finals of the Carling Cup which matters the most.

The performance as such wasn’t an eye catching one but the game had its moments. After a slow start we found our rhythm slowly and steadily. Van Persie, Vela and Wilshere produced some delightful balls yesterday. Had we been clinical in front of goal and had the ref seen two open handballs in the box we would have scored plenty of goals. A clean sheet is also a bonus.

The defencec overall was solid yesterday although they weren’t tested much. Eboue looked nervous but the other players helped him out. The midfield didn’t get a hold on the centre in the first half but had it controlled in the second. They helped out in the defence also. The forwards also had an on and off game. They missed plenty of chances but still there movement was good. Overall it was a satisfactory performance as there were  plenty of changes and most have not played many games.

Coming to player ratings:

Szczesny: He was a mere spectator yesterday. Did well when called upon. His distribution was also good 6.5

Eboue: Was not at ease against Moses and didn’t offer much going forward. 5.5

Djourou: He was excellent yesterday. Assisted Eboue a lot and never looked panicked. 7

Koscielny: Same as Djourou. Convincing performance and good in the air. Made some good interceptions and tackles. 7

Gibbs: Offensively contributed a lot. Defensively was okay barring a few mistakes. Need more games. 6.5

Denilson: Provided the balance yesterday. Kept the game ticking and linked the play nicely. He had some bad moments but worked hard. 7

Wilshere: Started slowly again and then made some excellent passes in the second half. An improved performance from last time. 7

Van Persie: Oh boy! I had forgotten what he can offer us. His vision, his movement, his eye for a pass and his execution were awesome. Still he is far from his best but what he did yesterday was a treat to watch. Needs game time and hopefully he will stay fit. 7.5

Walcott: Tried hard but yet again failed to make much of an impact. His crossing was not good at all although on set pieces he did better. His decision making was also not good. 6

Vela: If he had not missed the goals he would have had a perfect game. Still he was everywhere yesterday. Most of  the things happened through him and he never stopped despite missing the goals. Delivered some excellent balls upfront and even got an assist. 8  

Bendtner: Complete opposite of Vela. He was anonymous and poor in the first half. Somewhat improved in the second. He did score a goal though and that is important. Still needs to do a lot to prove his words. 6.5


Nasri kept the ball moving. He did miss a scoring opportunity though. Eastmond did what was asked of him and JET had no time to impress. No ratings for them.

So as it stands, with Man Utd also kicked out of the tournament, Carling Cup is for ours to lose now. Hopefully we will win it, which will be the start of plenty trophies to come.

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