Player ratings: Aston Villa 2 – 4 Arsenal

A good response from the team after a dismal week if not the perfect. There was a visible change in the team as they were hungry for the win and it is this hunger that we as fans want to see in the team every time they come on the field. If I remember correctly the last away wins against Everton and Wolves were due to some good defending and keeping as our forward and midfield failed to create much. This time it was the opposite.     

Our front line and midfield was great today and the defence was in shambles most of the times when we were under attack. Both the goals that we conceded were down to some bad defensive organisation. At the front it was some good passing and individual brilliance that led to the goals. In the middle we did brilliantly in the first half but lost our foothold in the seconf half most of the times.
The other thing that I want to talk about is our corners. Before the goal that Nasri scored on the corner, all of our corners were delivered to the near post and most of the Villa players stationed their easily dealt with it. The moment it was delivered a bit back we got the goal. We were predictable and the moment we mixed it up we got the goal. This is what we have to do.
Coming to player ratings:
Fabianski: Didn’t have to do much. Can’t be blamed for the goals as was unsighted on the first and not helped by the defenders on the second. Still he has to learn to command his area and need to communicate with the defenders around. His distribution was not that good today. 6.5
Sagna: Solid game. Was caught out of position a few times but did well on the right flank most of the times. A few of his crosses were also good. 7
Squillaci: Again he was not good with his clearences. Although our whole defence line was at fault for the first goal but it was his poor clearence that led to it. At times he was shaky but did his job. Needs to be more aggressive on the headers. 6
Koscielny: Bettter game then the last and better then Squillaci. Some of his tackles were brilliant and covered up nicely for Squillaci. Still needs a lot of improvement though. 7
Clichy: He wasn’t up to it today. Defensively was no where. Offensively did okay but went missing most of the times. Gave away possession a few times too. Not his best game. Was also at some fault for the first goal as he didn’t close down Clark. 6
Song: Was good in the middle and when going forward. Some of his passes were great and made some good interceptions in the middle. Defensively went missing a bit. Was at fault for the second goal as he didn’t challenge the Villa player. 6.5

Rosicky: Was one of our best players today. Ran, passed, tackled, assisted and had shots on goal. He did gave away the possession a couple of times but overall had an effective game. Great assist for the Chamakh goal. 7.5

Wilshere: Started slowly and settled in nicely. Had an ordinary first half but grew in stature in the second. Scored the final goal too, his firtst for Arsenal in the league. 7.5

Nasri: He too was one of our best players. He was simply outstanding. Was involved in everything that happened out there, displayed some individual brilliance and scored a beauty. This season he is getting better and better. 8.5

Chamakh: Another excellent game. Harassed the Villa defenders constantly. linked up with Nasri and Arshavin brilliantly and never slowed down. Held the ball nicely throughout the match. Scored the important third goal smartly and provided the assist on the fourth to seal the game. 8.5

Arshavin: Awesome stuff from the Russian. He was turning, running at the defenders, passing, creating, scoring, defending. He was every where today. He was at the heart of every thing that happemned out there. Scored a brilliant individual goal, provided the assist on the second and could have had another if Nasri had not struck the side neting. This is the type of performance that we require from him everytime. He certainly changed the game today. 9


Denilson, Gibbs and Djourou came on for a short while and did what was asked of them. No ratings though.

This game has ended and now it’s time to move on to the next. We don’t need to get carried away and show up better than this for the next and build up on this win. As I have said before “consistency” is what we need right now.

5 Responses to Player ratings: Aston Villa 2 – 4 Arsenal

  1. Tim says:

    Arshavin was excellent today – full of running and more careful in possession than he has often been this season. I was also really impressed with Rosicky, whose intelligence on and off the ball knitted things together nicely.

    I didn’t think our defence was that bad, although Clichy remains way too flaky for his own good. The marking on Clark’s second goal was not great, but otherwise we coped well and made Ashley Young and Stewart Downing non-factors in the game – when everyone beforehand was predicting they would tear us to shreds.

    A good end to a troubling week. Maybe the press can lose the ‘club in crisis’ stories for a while at least?

  2. Dave says:

    I thought Koz was class again! his reading timing and tackling is immense and he pressurised the giant carew well. I thought the squid was dissappointing again and i think its time for Djourou and Koz to get a game together! Squillaci doesn’t go in hard enough at times and he makes clichy’s clearances look professional…

  3. Jk says:

    I think clichy deserved a 7. He was at fault for the first,but kept Ashley young quiet and defended well for the most part. My other opinion is that song deserves 6.5 he gave the ball away and failed to clear the 2nd goal.

  4. Galaxy says:

    I was so happy to see arshavin score,he was mentally and physical in the match against villa yesterday i alway like the way he play because he is the kind of player who always give problems to defenders am just happy
    For him credit to samir nasri he is arsenal best player for the moment up gunners.

  5. sam nkeera says:

    Ashavin has a problem , he doesnt want to play with chamack to prove see replay videos and that is bad . Why do arsenal players dont want to fire when they are in position of firing , that is also bad yesterday we cd have scored 7 goals but why ? goal difference is cruciall we shall see soon in the near future.other wise good play and improvement.

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