Player Ratings: Braga 2 – 0 Arsenal

Well we are where we deserve to be. We have become so much predictable that any team can come and beat us. There is no problem because they just have to watch us keep the ball and score a goal on every opportunity they get. Be it a counter or a set piece, they just have to be discipline at the back. In fact sometimes we will gift the goals as we lose interest in the match.

For yesterday, we can blame the ref, the Barga strategy or whatever we want but look at the match. Did we create something worthwhile? What were we doing with the 70 percent possession? Does passing the ball sideways and then giving it away to the opposition going to get us goals? It is just unbelievable.

The midfield was poor yesterday, the attack was under provided and the defence was a joke. What the hell is happening out there? We really need to sort this out quickly or else we are in for some more shocks (shudders!).

Coming to player ratings:

Fabianski: Didn’t have anything to do. Not at fault for the goals. Was let down by the men in front of him 6

Eboue: What was he playing? Every time he got the ball he would fall over. Although Braga were committing a lot of fouls but at least one should try to play. 4.5

Squillaci: He started okay but slacked in the second half. Some of his clearances were poor and he wasn’t commanding. Don’t know what he was doing on that second goal!? Not a good performance. 5

Djourou: Better of the defenders. Won headers, intercepted the ball and overall had a solid game. 6.5

Gibbs: He has pace but he still didn’t use it a lot. On a few occasions he did make some good runs but his final ball wasn’t convincing. I guess we don’t teach our players to cross. He too was made to look a fool on the second goal. 6

Denilson: WOW, two games and two awful performances. He has gone backwards in a flash after the good performance against Everton. He either doesn’t have pace or he doesn’t use it. Or else he just doesn’t care. He was doing okay in the start but finished with his usual mistakes that cost us the match. 3

Fabregas: Something is just not right here. Whether it is the injury or something mental I don’t know but if he was not fit he should not have played. Now he is out and not sure for how long. As for the match, did create a few good balls but not enough by his standards. His free kicks were also awful. 5.5

Wilshere: A very slow start by him. Gave away possession in the first half and never looked comfortable. Improved in the second but still not convincing. 5

Walcott: Had one good opportunity to score, other than that didn’t do much. Although can’t blame him as the supply wasn’t there. 5

Bendtner: A perfect example of one should think twice before speaking. His positioning was awful on the few occasions the ball was delivered into the danger area and he showed no desire to attack the ball. He had a chance to do something good but desperately failed. Still can’t expect much from him as he had to drop deep to get the balls as the midfield failed to supply. 4.5

Rosicky: Tried hard throughout the match but didn’t get the support from the players around him. Defensively helped a lot too. He should have started in the centre in place of Fabregas and Nasri should have started on the left. 6.5


Nasri (5) failed to make much of an impact. Vela (6) looked lively and did win us a penalty that wasn’t given. Chamakh (6) won some important headers and was more effective than Bendtner.

This is it. We are not going to win matches the way we are playing. We might still be in all the competitions and two points behind Chelsea but it doesn’t tell the true picture. We really need a new game plan.


7 Responses to Player Ratings: Braga 2 – 0 Arsenal

  1. says:

    The bubble has burst, another trophyless season ahead of us. The french connection strikes again. Wenger still does not accept the reality of the situation Arsenal is in, ie. we lack players who can stand up to the rigours of professional football.Wallcott,Bendtner,Eboue,Wilshire etc are just not physiccallly strong enough. In addition , bentnail and theo are predictable and have no spirit, eboue is atypical african footballer-all show and very little else, he needs t use his ability to the advantage of the team and not himself.
    AW needs to pull his head out of the haze its in and take a long hard look at what hes got avaliable and cleanhouse and bring in some harder players. How he can leave Vela out and put bentnail in defies logic, the only person who thinks bentnail is any good is himself.

  2. Jk says:

    Harsh on denilson I think BENDTNER was far worst

  3. take9 says:

    you gotta be shiting me, Denilson and Rasicky were our best players in that match. its people like you who influence every Arsenal fan about how bad Denilson is. he played a great game last night without any significant help fom his team mates, way better than Jack. if you don’t have anything good to say about Denilson just shut the hell up.

    • vled says:

      Two things. One that he failed to pick the run of Matheus on the first goal and not even ran to put pressure on him. Secondly near the end he himself tried to be physical and was easily brought down which let Matheus to run onto the ball again and score the second. Although the defenders were also at fault for that goal but that situation would not have risen if Denilson had done his job right.
      These are the type of mistakes he repeats every now then after a couple of good games and is certainly not acceptable at this level. The rest i would leave to you. If you say that he was our better player, that’s your opinion.

  4. Steve Palmer says:

    Bentner,Eboue,Denilson, when are we going to lose these players, if we get rid of them, we will never be tempted to play them, as usual when they play they are shocking. On the odd ocasion they may, have an ok game, but that is because most times they are bad.
    Put these players in the same team and that is a recipe for disaster, when will Wenger learn, too many changes in a team,results in losses, only change a player when his injured,never to rest them, if a profesional footballer cannot manage two games a week throughout a season, he should’nt be there

  5. Tim says:

    “We are where we deserve to be.” Spot on.

    Denilson WAS poor last night, although he has played well in most of his other games this season.

    I have no problem with Wenger’s changes last night. What was he supposed to do, retain the side which surrendered so abjectly on Saturday? What would we have said about that?

    At times like Saturday and last night, we lack leadership in the spine of the team – a Vieira or a Campbell in their pomp – who will not allow the team to sit back when they get nervous, but instead step up to the challenge and press the ball even harder. We are too passive in difficult situations, and the second goal last night was a prime example of this. Three defenders around Matheus. One of them should have stepped up and tackled him – or at least fouled him. Instead they all backed off. Sol would have just flattened him.

    Wenger is partly to blame for the players’ attitude, but leadership isn’t something you can really coach. The players either have it or they don’t. Sadly, no one – not even Cesc – in this current group does, except for the injured Vermaelen.

  6. 9jagun says:

    atleast wenger has given u so called bendtner a chance and what did he do run around like a prick

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