Braga 2 – 0 Arsenal: Shit happened again!!

Braga: 2 (Matheus 83, 90+)

Arsenal: 0

Gutted! It seems nothing is going for us. The result doesn’t tell the whole story. We should have had a penalty when the score was nil all and the match secured but the ref made a blunder. It was a clear foul on Vela but the ref booked him for diving. Braga then went on to score two goals on the break. Frankly, the second one should have been stopped.

As it stands we are level with Braga on points and the last group match is a must win for us if we want to qualify for the next round. We can forget top spot as Shakhtar have won their match today by a three goal margin and only need a draw in the last match.

I wont go into details of the match as there was nothing happening. None of the teams deserved to win today and a draw would have been a fair result. We dominated the possession but had no clear cut chances. Braga was mainly defensive and had a couple of chances in the second half but never looked like scoring.

I don’t know what happened out there but it has left me shell-shocked and a bit angry. The ref was a moron for sure. But we never helped ourselves out there.

We did lose the match but the bad thing is we have lost Fabregas and Eboue to injuries. Not a great day at all for us.

What to expect next!? Rant on!

5 Responses to Braga 2 – 0 Arsenal: Shit happened again!!

  1. sam nkeera says:

    when we are struggling resting some of the players like Song etc was A WRONG CALCULATION ON THE SIDE OF wenger this is a lesson to him now the next game is a must win if we are to qualify in the grp stages .WITH ME ALL MISTAKES COMES FM THE DEFENCE , IMAGINE ONE STRIKER BEATING DEFENDERS ON ONE SIDE djourou cd have enveloped him fm right.

    • vled says:

      The whole team let us down today. And something is really wrong at the back. Three defenders can’t stop a single person, that second goal was a joke.

  2. Steve Palmer says:

    I have said many times footballs fixed, tonight is a fine example across the world, Champions league is a joke, it shows once again that the FIFA officials have got an agenda we was failed all over the pitch and the ref produced one card, missed a stonewall penalty, and gave our side close to six cards, the touch officials didnt make any decisions in our favour is there any point in playing in these competitions, other than the money.

    Bentner, Denilson Eboue must go, a disgrace to the club, whats the point of playing Bentner as a centre forward when he spends more time on the wing deep in midfield anywhere accept where he should be.
    Denilson, once the ball is lost he loses complete interest dos’nt come back leaves the tidying up to every one else.
    Eboue, well where do i start, he is just F—ing useless and he is never going to be a player if we want to go forward they have to go

  3. Paul says:

    Same shit different day. I not even gutted tonight, after watching the game saturday my expectations of this team are at rock bottom. It may be a kneejerk reaction but I could easily see us failing to qualify from the group.Sad to say but Cesc’s days are numbered at Arsenal, he has no motivation at all and looks completly uninterested while on the pitch.I think its time to cash in.

  4. Braga 2 – 0 Arsenal: Shit happened again!! « redgunners…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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