Player Ratings: Arsenal 2 – 3 Tottenham

Third loss at home and again it is due to a sloppy performance. Away from home we are giving spirited performances but at home we simply cannot remain focused for the whole 90 minutes. After the start we had it looked like we would cruise on to a win but again we lost the desire when it mattered. That second half was just a f****** pathetic display of football by us. How can one give away a two goal cushion and that too against the Spuds at home? It was very painful, more painful than the West Brom and Newcastle games combined.

The loss has highlighted the deficiencies that we know are there again. We simply need to remove them or there will be many painful defeats like these. Our attack was okay at times but we need someone up top who is hungry for goals. Chamakh is not although he has been brilliant for us. The midfield needs to stick to the basics. They need to keep it tight and help the defenders. Only passing the ball won’t win us games. Our defence was nowhere as disciplined as it was in the last two games. We gave too much space and at times the decision making was wrong by our players. We need to learn the art of defending set pieces. Jamming up the goal area won’t help us much. Our team needs to show the desire even when they are a couple of goals up.

Coming to player ratings:

Fabianski: Couldn’t do much on all the goals. On other occasion didn’t do anything wrong. 6.5

Sagna: Brilliant first half. Somewhat sloppy second but kept Bale quiet. 7

Squillaci: Another quite and effective performance. Still he needs to do more on set pieces as he fades away at times. 6.5

Koscielny: similar to Squillaci. He still commits a few mistakes and fouls but covers his man well. Was playing the off side trap and was caught a few times. Covered up for Clichy well and should have put the ball in the back of the net in the second half. It was a 60-40 performance from him and we require 100 percent and that was not there today. 6

Clichy: Also brilliant today in the first half in keeping Lennon quiet. His crossing still hasn’t improved and he needs to check his runs because at times he left his flank exposed too much in the second half. His passing was also crap today.  6

Song: Not his best games today. Wasn’t staying close to the defenders when required.  Up front gave away the possession a few times. Didn’t do his basic job of shielding well. 5

Fabregas: Great first half from him. Was pulling all the strings and provided the assist on the first goal. Could have had another assist if Chamakh hadn’t been shy to take on the keeper. Simply lost it in the second. Did a stupid act that led to a penalty and an equalizer.  Couldn’t lead the team when it was required. Not acceptable. 5

Denilson: Again was doing the simpler things correctly but he just cannot keep focus. On the first goal was running behind Bale like he was in a park. He should have been blocking the pass and not just ball watching. These are the types of mistake that lose you games. Still hasn’t learnt from his past mistakes I guess. Also not acceptable at this level. 5

Nasri: One of the best players in the first half but faded in the second and was eventually substituted. Scored an awesome goal and was passing the ball around well. 7

Chamakh: I don’t know what to think of him. He offers us plenty and he can score goals no doubt but when the time comes to be decisive he just doesn’t take the initiative. Twice he had chances to score a third one for us when through on goal but just would slow down and look for a team mate or a foul. Pathetic show from him even though he scored a goal. 4

Arshavin: Another assist to his name and made some good runs. In the first half backtracked a lot too. Still you would expect him to do more. Anonymous in the second as he got substituted. 6


Van Persie (5.5) looked sharp but wasn’t provided with deliveries. Rosicky (5.5) also contributed a bit but wasn’t effective. Walcott (5) has gone back to his old self. He didn’t have much time but he had a few half chances and should have done better on those.

This is it then. Another loss and another setback. We had a golden opportunity today and we missed it. Chelsea has lost their fixture but I won’t look much into it. I will wait it out till the end of the season and see where we stand then because at the moment it doesn’t look good with this much inconsistency.

Keep the faith!

One Response to Player Ratings: Arsenal 2 – 3 Tottenham

  1. faiz says:

    aaghhhhh… I’m running out of faith.

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