Arsene on the qualities of the team and on challenging for the title

Arsene Wenger after the Everton game was happy to see the different qualities shown by the team. He talked about the discipline and desire of the whole team and the way they remained focused for the whole time. He further said that without such qualities you can never get the maximum points.. The way the players have responded after the Newcastle game has been very good. And to get six points away from home after a disappointing loss further shows the spirit of the team.

He further added that the players get a massive boost in confidence after such results. As for the title he said that the main task now is to just get the points and it will be decided when the time comes.

This is what he said:

“The most important qualities we showed were discipline, commitment, togetherness, desire and a 100 per cent focus for 90 minutes. That is what got us the points. When you come here without those [qualities] you don’t get the points. We have had two very difficult away games with Wolves and today and we have got six points that put us in a good situation. We were a bit disappointed after last Sunday but I feel that was under special circumstances against Newcastle. Overall the team has shown great spirit.

That’s what I have said for a long time. [The players] get a lot of encouragement from the way they are playing at the moment, from our discipline and our focus. Lets get points into our account and see where we stand in the end, that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Yes Wenger is right in saying that we showed the desire and determination to get the maximum points. We were resilient and we were clinical which made the difference in the end. If we had lacked our spirit we would have dropped points for sure because we weren’t up to our best today. Even in the last game the spirit and desire mattered in the end. It is good to see that we are grinding out results but we need to show some consistency. We need to be resilient in every game. We don’t have to show complacency any more. Every game is hard and every game has to be dealt with by full force.

Our away record has been good but we need to greatly improve at home and continue with this spirit throughout the season. If we can match our performance to our team spirit than I don’t see us far from a trophy but consistency will be the key.

Keep the faith.

One Response to Arsene on the qualities of the team and on challenging for the title

  1. sam nkeera says:

    Am challenging the way our team relaxed after the two goals am giving credit to goal keeper only the rest wanted to give away the game to more determined Everton side . If we do the same to Hot spur we shall be punished.

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