Everton 1 – 2 Arsenal report: Job done without being spectacular!

We have done it again without being spectacular or playing our game for most times. The three points matter the most and that we got. I would divide our performance into three phases. The slow start, the composed football after the goals and the frantic final minutes.

We started somewhat on the back foot with Everton looking the better team but we eventually found our rhythm with a few good chances. Everton didn’t create clear cut chances although they were always threatening whenever they approached our goal. Cahill had a chance to give them the lead but he got his header wrong. On the other end Arshavin, Nasri and Wilshere had half chances but to no avail.

The first goal for us came from a highly unlikely source. It was Nasri who started the run and tested the keeper with a shot whose block sent the ball towards Arshavin. Arshavin picked up Sagna with a pass who took his time before smashing the ball past the keeper at his near post. We were a goal up as we headed into the break despite not being at our best.

The second goal came for us after two minutes of start of the second half which started our second phase of the game. Denilson, Chamakh and Fabregas were all involved as Fabregas slipped the ball between Jagielka’s leg and into the far post. We started to play better after this as we kept the ball well and created a few more opportunities. With Everton looking for a goal, Nasri had a one-on-one with keeper on the counter and Chamakh had an open net to tap in the ball but it was skied from three yards out. That goal should have sealed the game but Everton got a lifeline.

We started our keep-the-ball play as Everton were chasing shadows in the middle. The third phase of our game thankfully started late. As we entered the final 5 minutes there was urgency in the Everton players as they started getting forward into our danger areas. Fabianski made a couple of good saves and Song had some good blocks that denied them goals. Eventually Cahill got on the end of the ball in our jam packed goal area to pull one back. The final 4 minutes saw us defending frantically as the time ran out for Everton resurgence.


Today again we showed the spirit and desire to get the win. We were determined and that made the difference even though we were not our selves for most of the times. The good thing was that despite not having many chances as was predicted, we converted the ones that we got and that made the difference in the end.

Our defence was again good today. There were a few mistakes but at those times Fabianski did well and the midfield chipped in with some good blocks.  Our link up play was better but we need to get our passing correct. At times we gave away the ball far too easily.

Also we need to finish strongly. The last few minutes were very tense. We could have easily dropped points had there been more time. We need to be focused for the whole 90 minutes and not switch off until the whistle blows.

The incident that I want to discuss about is the Fabregas’ yellow. I know the media is going to twist and then exploit it a lot. It was a simple situation in which Fabregas tried to block Sylvian Distin when he was clearing the ball. Fabregas missed the ball and as far as I could see he didn’t touch Distin. Distin on the other hand landed on Fabregas’ ankle and it was Fabregas who got the yellow. The commentators were saying that it was a foul by Fabregas. How on earth that was a foul? This was the same thing that gave us a freak goal in the start of the season. I don’t want to say more on this but the ref was wrong on that occasion IMO.

The other point is about the biased commentary of the ESPN commentators. Their every comment was against us and in particular Fabregas. Like they were paid to twist everything. For the yellow card on Fabregas they repeated it like 10 times that it was a foul by Fabregas, which wasn’t. And when Fabregas himself was brought down by a scissor tackle, they didn’t say that it was worthy of a card but said that Fabregas got the taste of his own medicine. I was simply shaking my head. There were a lot more comments like these but the point I want to make is that the media, pundit and commentators really show their biased attitude towards Arsenal.

As for the win we got the important three points. We go second in the table with two points behind Chelsea. They are playing at the moment and are currently three goals down with the final minute of stoppage time left. And they have lost. This weekend has certainly turned into a good one.

What did you think about the match?

One Response to Everton 1 – 2 Arsenal report: Job done without being spectacular!

  1. Tim says:

    A good, battling performance rather than a smooth, flowing one. Really impressive – the kind of game all those “experts” keep smugly saying we’re not capable of.

    A week is a long time in football. Last Sunday everyone was writing us off before Chelsea lost at Liverpool. Now we have all to play for!


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