Vermaelen’s injury unexplainable, who should we buy?

Vermaelen: No time period for his return!

We have has some good on the injury front but one thing remains a mystery and that is Vermaelen’s injury. He got his Achilles injured during the internationals and was supposed to miss only a single game. Then we were told he will be back by October and that too has come and gone. Now it’s been more than two months and he hasn’t returned to team. Now in November we are told that he has suffered a setback on his injury and is going to be out for an indefinite time. Wenger is at a loss for what is wrong with him. The scans shows that there is nothing wrong but he has pain and there is no explanation for that. Wenger at his pre-match press conference said:

“I don’t know his next stage – he has seen specialist after specialist and the scans are OK.
We have to be patient. We know a lot medically nowadays but there are some mysteries that we do not know about.
At the moment we have no rational explanation for his pain. That means there is no reason to have surgery and there is no logical explanation for his pain. We have to be patient and just hope it will go.
That means rest at the moment.”

So that‘s that. We won’t be seeing Vermaelen for quite some time and that leaves us rather short at the back. With games coming in thick and fast we need to have at least one more centre back. With Koscielny suspended we are left with only two players to choose from at the moment. Last season we played Song at centre-back when we lost almost all of our regulars. And although Song did a commendable job, we can’t do the same this time. With rumors of a lot of players linked with us, the most logical step would be to sign a top quality centre back in January’s transfer window. Wenger already knows this as he responded to question about moving for a defender if Vermaelen doesn’t return:

“I cannot deny it — if the situation continues, with three centre-backs we would be short. On the other hand we are still positive. There is a mystery between the scan and the pains he has. We are maybe a little impatient sometimes and push him too quickly.”

I have my fingers crossed on Vermaelen but we need a new centre back this January or we will be facing the problems that we had last season if Vermaelen doesn’t return.

Cahill: The right Solution!

Who should we move for is then the difficult question that only Wenger can answer. We have been linked with Gary Cahill and he would be the most appropriate solution in my opinion. Bolton won’t be reluctant to sell him if they get the right price for him. Bolton’s chairman, Phil Gartside has said:

“If a Champions League team knocks on our door in January that’s the best time to sell an asset because Champions League teams will pay the money”

He will cost us much more than we usually pay for players but if we are to solve our problems at the back we would need to spend some money.

There is also Phil Jagielka for whom it has been revealed that we

Jagielka: He is expensive!

made a bid in the summers. Everton were asking too much of a price and Wenger didn’t proceed with it. David Moyes speaking ahead of our match against them said:

“It is true that we received an offer from Arsenal for Phil during the summer, but we were never tempted. It wasn’t a lot of money, not for a player like him. I had a word with him the day before we left for our pre-season trip to Australia and told him that, whatever level of interest there may be, it would take a lot more money than had been offered.”

Other than these Wenger may find someone unknown at a bargain price if things get serious. It however all depends upon Vermaelen’s injury. By the end of December if we don’t have Vermaelen back we can be sure of a new centre back and hopefully this time Wenger is serious in buying.

Who do you think Wenger should buy if necessary?


4 Responses to Vermaelen’s injury unexplainable, who should we buy?

  1. Sed_it says:

    Emir Spahic? (sic!)

  2. GUN says:

    subotic or a strong German defender

  3. Davi says:

    Jagielka is not good enough for a team aiming to win the title, but I dont know enough of cahill to be honest. He looks excellent in the air, which is massively important in this league, and he is a goal threat from set plays, but I cant comment on any more than that. Any comments?

    • vled says:

      It is hard to find new players in the january window and if we get the opportunity to sign Cahill then we should go ahead with it. He is solid and uner Wenger he will become excellent. The same goes for Jagielka but he is expensive. But i have a feeling that if Wenger buys it will be an unknown player.

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