Two to return and Szczesny signs new contract as we are linked with Reina again

Gibbs: Should not be rushed back!

A quick update. Good news for us on the injury front as Wenger has revealed that Diaby and Gibbs could be back for the Everton game. Speaking to Arsenal TV Online he said that we have no injuries from the Wolves game and that he may look to rotate the squad as a lot of fresh and fit players are available. On Gibbs he said that it will be decided by the end of the week if he will be part of the squad. At the moment he is in normal training and it is all down to match fitness.

Diaby: Positive signs from him

As for Diaby there have been positive signs. The first test went good and there will be a few more tests before the final decision is made. The response is nevertheless good.

“We should not have any bad news from Wednesday night. The squad should be the same. We could have Gibbs available to be part of it again too. We’ll make the decision at the end of the week. He is back in normal training. It is just whether he is fit or not.

There are always one or two changes. Some players have played a lot and we have some fresh, quality players on the bench. Some are not completely match-fit like (Robin) Van Persie and (Nicklas) Bendtner but in midfield there may be one or two changes.

He is having a gradual test. He had the first on Wednesday – that was positive. He has another so we’ll see what comes out of it. At the moment the response is good.”

Well we may not have been lucky with Vermaelen’s injury but at least other players are showing good signs in returning back from injury. It’s obvious they won’t be playing this weekend but it always is a boost to have all your players available. Diaby’s ankle has been a major concern and I have my fingers crossed that he makes a full recovery. Gibbs also has been in and out of squad. Both of them should not be rushed back because we have seen time and again that they are out after playing a single match.

New contract for him

The other good news is that Szczesny has signed a new long-term contract with Arsenal. He is a great prospect and the contract is the sign of good things to come. He has already featured this season in our win over Newcastle in the Carling Cup. His performance was exceptional and looking forward to more first team appearances from him.

Linked again!

In other news we have been linked with Pepe Reina again. There have been rumors floating around since the summer transfer window for a possible move for Reina in January. Reina has spoken about his future at Liverpool by saying that he will stay till at least the end of the season. And even if he leaves he won’t return to Spain.

“I will stay at Liverpool until the end of the season. I know there are rumours of me leaving but I want to make it clear that I have no intention of going back to Spain.”

Well we have Fabianski performing well again and we have awarded Szczesny with a new contract. It now all depends on how they perform. If they perform well than I don’t see any keeper coming in January or further in the summers. If things don’t go our way then we should go for Reina in January and not wait till the end of the season. Many would still want to have him as we know Fabianski is prone to making a mistake but I believe that all keepers can make mistakes. It’s how you perform after it that matters. Fabianski had a bad time after his howlers last season and he just couldn’t respond in a good way. He was much maligned by the media and even us. This season he has been solid and even after the mistake against Newcastle he was awesome against wolves. We have a changed man and he is showing that on the field. It’s only fair that he should be given some time. As for Szczesny he is young, he is talented and we have seen a glimpse of his brilliance. He still has a lot to do but this shows that the keeper situation is under control at the moment. It is still too early to say if we will get a new keeper but the following couple of months will be the key in solving this query.

That’s all for now.


One Response to Two to return and Szczesny signs new contract as we are linked with Reina again

  1. NOAH NIKANOR says:

    Everything is sound good at moment. Mr. Wenger he go for the defend of bolton, that is he the men for the moment. We going to smile at the of the weekend and also of the season.

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