Wolves 0 – 2 Arsenal: Player Ratings

The game last night was an excellent response from our side. It wasn’t our best performance but we did enough to get the maximum and that matters the most. The defence was brilliant throughout the game as we were under pressure for most parts of the game. The midfield and the forwards also contributed and kept the spaces to a minimum. The midfield shielded the defence nicely and the wingers showed good work rate in running up and down the flanks. Chamakh also came back a lot to help out. Fabianski had one hell of a great game. The whole team showed that they really wanted the win.

Coming to player ratings:

Fabianski: Great display of keeping. Caught everything cleanly, saved everything and was good in his distribution. The save he made at the end was top class and that ensured that we got the maximum points. MOTM. 9

Sagna: Didn’t have much to do in attack but was great in defence. The tackle he made early in the second half was top class.  8

Squillaci: Started slowly but eventually got comfortable and dealt with any loose balls that came towards our danger area. Solid performance. 7.5

Djourou: Was shaky at times but dealt with the pressure. Was good in the air and partnered well with Squillaci . 7

Clichy: Good performance by him. Covered his flank well and made some good interceptions. 7

Wilshere: There wasn’t anything spectacular from him but did his job well. Passed the ball around with ease and held his ground. 6.5

Song: Decent game from him. Got an assist with a great cross in the first minute. Lost the ball on a couple of occasions but made his presence felt in midfield by good pressing. Did his defensive job better than the offensive. 7

Fabregas: Still not back to his best as he lost the ball quite a few times. Defensively contributed but never looked in the best form going forward. Still got an assist on the second goal with a good lobbed pass. Was disappointed with the tackle he made. 6

Rosicky: Great game from him. Was involved in both the goals. Helped in defending and passed the ball around well. Made one good goal line clearance in the second half. 7.5

Arshavin: The spark was clearly visible in the Russian. Made some good runs and came close to scoring a couple of times. 7

Chamakh: Great response from the Moroccan after his last two disappointing games. Scored two crucial goals. Helped the team in defending and linked up play nicely. If not for Fabianski then he would have been the MOTM. 8.5


Denilson: Didn’t have much of an impact but helped the team out in defending. 6

Nasri and Bendtner: No rating as they were on for like half a minute.

That’s it. Next up its Everton and let’s hope we show the same determination.

2 Responses to Wolves 0 – 2 Arsenal: Player Ratings


    Agreed with you on FABIANSKI as the MOTM. For the first time since VITO MANNONE won us the points against FULHAM last season we saw a keeper to be relied upon. PETER CZECH win games for chelsea week in week out thats just the difference between us and them, lets hope he build on this performance and keeps his place in the team because the kind of mistake he made against NEWCASTLE was a school boy error that made me suggest its high time we give SZECHESZNEY a chance to show him self. Next up is EVERTON away and its going to be a hell of a game. Let our players show the kind of determination they displayed yesterday and the maximum points is ours for sure. GUNNERS RULES THE WORLD

  2. Tim says:

    No question Fabianski was man of the match, although it’s not his first outstanding performance of the season. He bounced back brilliantly from Sunday’s howler.

    It was a tough, tough game, and although we did ride our luck a bit at times it was very encouraging to see us come through with a highly committed defensive showing. More of the same required at Everton on Sunday!


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