No loan for Ramsey and Fabregas on today’s game

A week back there were reports that Ramsey is to go out on loan to get some playing time before he can play for us. It has been revealed today by Wenger that Ramsey is not going out on loan as it is important that he plays with us. Ramsey is making good progress and it is expected that at the end of this month he will be playing in the reserves. Wenger added that there is no talk of a loan move for Ramsey at the moment.

This is what Wenger told the Arsenal website:

“What is important is that he comes back into the group now and that he plays for a while with us.

At the moment we are not talking about [a loan] at all.

He is making surprising progress with the team so no [we won’t loan him]. Though there might be some clubs who want a good player like him on loan.

At the end of the month he should be alright to play in the reserves. That is the target.”

Although I want Ramsey to go out on loan to get back his confidence by playing regularly but Wenger is right in saying that it will be good if he makes his comeback with us. If he can return to match fitness by playing with reserves then it would be good. What we have to ensure is that the Eduardo situation is not repeated. We want him to fully recover and be the player he was before. It will require time but we have to remain patient. All the best to him in his recovery and fingers crossed for his return to first team action.

Coming to today’s game , Fabregas has warned that a loss against Wolves be the end of their title hopes.

‘These are the games that can win or lose you titles. Because it’s not just about beating the big teams in the big games – it’s about winning these matches also. The Newcastle defeat was a really bad result… another one of those games where we have struggled.

And we all said after we’d lost at home to West Brom that we couldn’t afford any more setbacks like that – and yet we did it again!

We have to realise one more mistake like that and it could all be finished. We are lucky Chelsea lost at Liverpool so we didn’t lose any ground on the leaders. But Manchester United and Manchester City won.

The good thing about football is you get the chance to bounce back quickly.

So now we have to go to Wolves and that will be very difficult. We have to go there and be strong, show our character and play our football. Because we now can’t afford to lose against Wolves if we want to win the Premier League.

We know Wolves are a very good team and although we won there 4-1 last year it was still a very difficult game.’

Let’s hope the message is well received by all that today’s game is make or break. We repeated the mistake of West Brom against Newcastle and now we don’t have any leverage to slip in games like these. We were lucky that Chelsea lost their game or it would have been a disaster and Fabregas is right in saying that the other teams have gained ground on us. He is further right in saying that football gives you chance to bounce back. Today is the chance that we have to avail. It will be a tough game but I believe if we remain focused we can beat them easily. We have to be at our best from the start and continue with it throughout the match. We need to start in top gear and not take our feet off the accelerator.

Wenger yesterday said that Fabregas is completely clear of his injury concern and that we will see a different Fabregas against wolves. I am looking forward to Fabregas’ game as today he has to perform along with all others if we are to get the maximum points.

Just an hour left to kick off. We can only hope that the team performs well and revive some of the belief that has been lost.

See you on the other side with a win.


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