Team news, Nasri extends contract and Ballon d’Or

The dust has settled by now on our massive win against the City and all thoughts will now have shifted on tomorrow’s Carling Cup fixture. Today Wenger revealed that he will approach the game the same way he did in the last round. He has said that Koscielny, Walcott, Szczesny, Vela and Bendtner are all going to be in the starting lineup for tomorrow’s game. Other players like Lansbury, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Eastmond are also in the squad. A few players will also be rested from the City game.

Wenger said:

“It will be similar to Spurs. We have players coming back like Walcott, Bendtner and Vela. Koscielny is fit to start. They will play. From the Man City game, we have no-one out [with injury]. One or two will be rested. Vela is back. In the squad, we will have Eastmond, Lansbury and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas. Wojciech will be in goal.” source.

So we are aiming for all trophies for sure now. It will be good to see Walcott and Bendtner to start as they are coming back from injury and start for vela is deserved. I am looking forward to Eastmond and Szczesny’s inclusion in the starting lineup. They certainly need some first team action. There are also no new injuries so things are looking good for us.

Nasri: Good season so far for him

The other good news is that Samir Nasri is going to extend his contract till 2015. He has been our star player this season till now.  He has been scoring goal, creating goals, involved in all good things happening on the field and he has also improved physically. Due to this he has been compared to Robert Pires recently. He has matured for sure as a player and has also been taking responsibility in absence of Fabregas. The good thing is he has been giving great performances regularly and that too with playing on the wings. And the rate at which he is scoring goals is great too as he may end up with 15 to 18 goals for the season. His performance against City was top notch and I hope he delivers for a long time for us and the injuries remain away from him, also from all other Arsenal players.

In his praise Wenger said:

“At 23 years old your career starts at the top level and he is becoming more efficient. I think he has become stronger physically and you judge a player with his numbers. On Sunday he had a goal and an assist so that’s what you want from players who have a lot of talent like he has. He is quite a complete player because he can run with the ball, he is quick and he is a clinical finisher now. I believe we have a great player in him now.”

Fabregas: Shortlisted for Ballon d'Or

In other news Fabregas has been shortlisted for FIFA Ballon d’Or Award. The list includes 23 players of which only three are from the Premier League. Well it is a nice honor for Fabregas for sure. The award was created to go to the person who is the world’s best player but it usually goes to someone who has helped his team get a major trophy.  So the most likely player to get the award will be from the Dutch and Spanish team as this was a World Cup year.

That’s it for now. Things are looking good for us at the moment and hopefully it will continue throughout the season with further improvements. Preview for the Carling Cup match later.

Keep the faith.

7 Responses to Team news, Nasri extends contract and Ballon d’Or

  1. sam nkeera says:

    With 3 – 0 win against Man city over the weekend , i want to cong the whole team and its manager Wenger fr job well done.However when i remember last season wright Philips falling down after scoring the fourth goal and Adebayor going to Arsenal fans which was a night mare. Am confident there is maturity, confidence, team work ,respect especially when you are not in possible to score and give yr friend who is in possible to score.My dream will come true this season , we must get silverware..What we shd pray is that fewer injuries this season.Wenger shd always rotate players fr fatigue relief.Last advise to my manager he shd invade transfer season of Jan with conscious ,reserved,intelligent, focused and bearing in mind this is business (How much has Man city invested and what are so far the results ) Let us wait tomorrow game will adjust us.Pse Wenger fr Gods sake incude Thomas Rosicky in Newcastle game God bless you all players, manager and all Arsenal fan around the Globe .

  2. Abdul says:

    Do not leave what you want to eat today for tommorow because you may not be tommorow. Please arsenal manager this coming transfer don’t let it fail because is an opportunity.

  3. Formost I joined you saying ameen to tour
    And I am ful a lot of confdent in the team.and they will. Deliver, and. Wll be a ream come true for everyoe.

  4. Formost I joined you saying ameen to your ambitio
    And I am full of a lot of confdent in the team.and they will. Deliver, Wll be a dream come true for everyone.

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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  7. Team news, Nasri extends contract and Ballon d'Or « redgunners…

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