If we were to have new signings…!!!??

Every day that passes we have at least a couple of players linked with us. By now I think the people should have realised that we don’t buy until and unless we are seriously short of players. Nonetheless every player on this planet is linked with us in one way or another, an exaggeration you would say but still close to reality.

What I am intrigued about is that suppose we were to sign even one percent of these players, who would we most likely buy? and who would we part with?

First I will come to the buying. The most obvious enforcement that we require is in the shape of a top class keeper. We have been linked with plenty of keepers including Reina and Schwarzer. Though, I would like to have either of Shay Given or Manuel Nuer. But the most likely person that we would buy, if we do buy, which seriously I feel is not going to happen till next summer, would be the one person unknown to mankind. This is in no way undermining the judgment of Wenger because I believe that Wenger has an excellent eye when it comes to buying and unearthing new talents. In the case of keepers though, he has fallen short of his own standards till now.

We also need a holding midfielder, though most of you will say we don’t need reinforcements in midfield. We need someone like Viera whose presence can be felt on the field. Our current lot are excellent but they don’t have that aura that used to be surrounding Viera. Recently we were linked with Bastian Schweinsteiger and I would love to have him in the squad. Though, it is very unlikely that we sign him due to the high price tag and also we have enough players in midfield. Still it would be a really great signing.

What I would like is that IF, and it’s a big IF, Fabregas leaves us next summer, than we should do everything to buy Schweinsteiger. The reason being we already have an excellent playmaker in the shape of Nasri to fill in the void. And Wilshere, Rosicky and Ramsey can also play. So no need to spend on a new playmaker.

Coming to defenders, do we need another one now?  I would say no, but as always we are linked with every defender too. Though, Gregory Van Der Wiel would be a good signing for the future. Similarly at the front we don’t need as such new forwards as we are equipped with plenty already. Romelu Lukaku and Abel Hernandez have been linked with us and they would be good signings.

Apart from these I don’t see any more new players being bought because we have a lot of young players coming up. We are going to keep this current squad as they have been together for a long time and only one or two players are going to be added. Further additions will be made from the young lot.

Now coming to the players, whom I believe, we may part with. The 25 men squad rule, with 8 home grown players, makes it rather difficult to add new players and keep the old ones. At the moment we have 21 players with 7 home grown and a lot of under 21 players, of which some will be turning 22 and filling up the further 4 spots. So in order to buy new we would have to sell or players, not included in the 25 men squad, won’t feature in the premiership at all.

The players most likely to leave would be our keepers if we buy another. Fabregas might leave. Other than that I don’t see any more leaving. And frankly speaking these players have been together for three to four years now and it would be unfair just to drop them. Still that doesn’t mean that they will be kept if they don’t perform.

What I like about the squad is the amount of options we have. Last season and until now this season, in most of the games we have been without six to seven first team players, and still we have coped with it. You may argue that it has cost us in terms of wining important matches but still our players have shown their best.

A few new players like Schweinsteiger would be good additions; otherwise this squad has what it takes to achieve greatness.

Have your say in the comments about which players you would like to see and which ones you would want out.

Keep the faith.

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