Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal:Match Report and Quick Analysis

Chelsea:  2 (Drogba 39, Alex 85)

Arsenal: 0

Well it was again a repeat of what has happened before.

We created more chances, we failed to convert them and Chelsea tore us apart on the counter.

It was Drogba again who broke the deadlock, it was again our defence who failed to deal with the counter attacks.

It was us again dancing in front of the goal with no end product, it was Chelsea again who capitalized on our weakness.

It was us again with more possession, but it was Chelsea who scored the goals.

It was us again giving too much space to Chelsea, and it was Chelsea who didn’t back away from it.

Well it’s turning into more of a rant now. Getting back to the match now.

Well for the record we did play well but we didn’t take our chances. I don’t know how many chances we need to score a goal. For us to win we need to be clinical in front of goal. Chelsea were and they got the three points.

I said before that if Chelsea scored it will be difficult for us to get back. We did get close to scoring but couldn’t find the net. Chelsea were just waiting for us to make mistakes and were picking us on the counter with ease.

The defence was caught out many times, but the score line remained modest due to the Chelsea players getting off side many times.

The first half was equally contested with us getting the better chances. Chamakh and Koscielny went close to scoring in the first minute. Arshavin had a long range shot saved by Cech. On the other end Fabianski saved a shot of Drogba, Essien was wide with a header and Malouda hit a shot over the bar.

Drogba broke the deadlock after 39th minutes when he beat Fabianski on the near post when the ball was cut back from the left side by Cole. The final minutes of the first half didn’t have much.

The second half started brightly for us but again we failed to equalize. Chamakh went agonizingly close a few times. Anelka failed to score when he rounded the keeper and had an open net to shoot at but he hit the side netting. Cole scored but was offside, Ramires and Drogba were caught offside a few times. Fabianski made a couple of decent saves.

The second goal came in the 85th minute. Nasri misplaced a pass and the ball fell to a Chelsea player. Koscielny’s tackle on him was a foul and a freekick was awarded to Chelsea. Alex from the free kick, with a thunderbolt, scored. It was game set match at that time.

The final minutes didn’t have much. Fabianski made a couple of saves as it ended with another heartbreaking loss.

Will come up with the analysis and player ratings later.

Still this is not the end of the world.

4 Responses to Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal:Match Report and Quick Analysis

  1. Rahman says:

    Chelsea is better than us in terms of quality, completeness of players and commitment. May God help us this season.

  2. Pat says:

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  3. Rana says:

    What good is majority possession and the beautiful Football if that cannot result into any goals? With this line up, we can only beat the likes of Blackpool and Bolton.
    In order to challenge for any title, we need world class strikers and world class defenders. Koscielny and Squillaci are not world class. We get what we paid for.
    Robin Van Persie is world class but what good is he on the bench injured most of the time?

  4. Tim says:

    I wouldn’t say it was exactly a repeat of what has gone before, although I agree it’s not the end of the world.

    For me, it was a marked improvement on last year’s two awful showings. Chelsea do look head and shoulders above everyone else so far this season – they can score on anyone, and they have conceded only two goals so far.

    The biggest test will come against the two Manchester clubs. That will tell us how much we have improved over last season.

    The result today was a shame, the lack of end product was a shame, but there were also a lot of positives to take out of the performance. Just no points, sadly.

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