Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal:Match Report and Quick Analysis

October 3, 2010

Chelsea:  2 (Drogba 39, Alex 85)

Arsenal: 0

Well it was again a repeat of what has happened before.

We created more chances, we failed to convert them and Chelsea tore us apart on the counter.

It was Drogba again who broke the deadlock, it was again our defence who failed to deal with the counter attacks.

It was us again dancing in front of the goal with no end product, it was Chelsea again who capitalized on our weakness.

It was us again with more possession, but it was Chelsea who scored the goals.

It was us again giving too much space to Chelsea, and it was Chelsea who didn’t back away from it.

Well it’s turning into more of a rant now. Getting back to the match now. Read the rest of this entry »