Our team is better and we can beat Chelsea

As we are approaching the important game at the weekend, many anti-Arsenal folk have already sidelined us .As for me, I believe that we can beat them in their own backyard as we did two years ago but for that we need to play to our strengths and not get intimidated by them.

Last season we lost both the games to them, but it wasn’t due to that they were perfect. You can say that Chelsea, in both the matches, was better than us due to the fact that they took their chances and did fewer mistakes. As for us, in both the matches, we started better than them, but by not taking our chances, losing focus at the crucial moments and defensive mistakes we were buried. This season our squad is better than last. We still have a few problems but they can be solved if we remain focused and do our jobs.

On paper our squad is slightly better than theirs and to prove this I checked the ratings generally given to the players and then gave my own ratings and compared the results shown below.

Now the most probable starting lineup of Chelsea and Arsenal for the match will consist of players shown below. Lampard is out injured and might not play on Sunday but I have included him because Fabregas is also a doubt and I am going to include him in the Arsenal’s probable line up.  Now the rating in bold against each player is what I got from talentspotter.fourfourtwo.com and the other is my own rating.


Goalkeeper + Defence:

Cech 5.8,  7

Ivanovic 5.7,  7

Ferreira 4,  6

Bosingwa 4,  5.5

Alex 6.9,  6.5

Terry 5.5,  7

Cole 5.5,  7


Mikel 5.4,  6

Essien 7.7,  8

Benayoun 4.7,  5.5

Ramires no rating,  5.5

Lampard 7.2,  7

Malouda 6.9,  7


Drogba 7.9,  9

Anelka 6.4,  6.5

Kalou 6.1,  6

Overall: Team Rating 5.606 (including Ramires),  6.656,

Goalkeeper + Defence 5.34,  6.57

Midfield 6.38 (Ramires not Included),  6.5

Attack 6.8,  7.16


Goalkeeper and Defence:

Fabianski 3.6,  5

Koscielny no rating,  7

Squillaci 4.8,  7

Sagna 7.4,  6.5

Clichy 7.5,  6

Gibbs 7.4,  7

Eboue 5.7,  5.5


Song 6.9,  6.5

Denilson 5.8,  7

Rosicky 7.9,  8

Fabregas 7.9,  9

Wilshere 7.9,  8

Nasri 7.7,  8


Arshavin 7.3,  8

Chamakh 6.7,  7

Vela 6.6, 6.5

Overall: Team rating 6.318 (including Koscielny),  7

Goalkeeper + defence 6.06 (Koscielny not included),  6.28

Midfield 7.35,  7.75

Attack 6.86,  7.16

Now from the ratings in bold it can be seen that in every aspect our team is generally rated better than Chelsea. For my own ratings only their defence is better than ours. As for attack we are equal but the main difference is the midfield in which we are way better than them. Only we need to prove this on the field.

You may argue that these ratings are biased and they mean nothing and all that but you may agree with me on his that our midfield is the strongest in the whole league and with the addition of Squillaci, Koscielny and Chamakh our attack and defence have been strengthened. The weakest link you might say is the keeper but after the performance against Partizan, Fabianski will be confident to guard the net.

We have the team, we have the belief, we just have to show the world what we are capable of.

As the match is approaching I am getting more and more confident that we can do it this time and I will say it again that to beat them ‘we need to play to our strengths’ and take our chances.

Seriously, I have everything crossed for this match and hopefully we will get a result in our favour which will be a real boost.

2 Responses to Our team is better and we can beat Chelsea

  1. naijasoccer says:

    By your rating rosicky has been a better player than malouda this season. Do u know how wrong and misleading that information is ? I love rosicky like most arsenal fans and I think he has played well this season but to rate him higher than a malouda that’s being in the top 5 best players this season so far is ridiculous. And if that comparison is wrong then so is the other comparison u ve made with other players.

  2. vled says:

    I have not said that this rating is the correct one, still this is how i see it(and i may be biased). Malouda no doubt has been very good this season but I won’t rate him higher than this. Anyways thankyou for the comment.

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